Our Hiring Process

If you’re invited to join the Morgan & Westfield team, consider yourself one of the best. We receive up to a thousand applications for some positions.

The following is a summary of our hiring process, although this may vary depending on the role.

Initial Application

Our initial application includes critical screening questions to identify applicants who will be the best fit for a long-term position.

Initial Interview

The initial interview allows us to determine if we’re a good fit. The best relationships start with a foundation of shared values. Our goal during this conversation is to ensure our values align. This meeting also gives you a chance to ask specific questions about our company and your role.

Initial Tests

You may be asked to complete several competency tests to determine if you have the necessary knowledge and skills for the position.

Additional Interviews

If there’s still mutual interest at this point, we will conduct another round of interviews to get to know you in greater depth, learn more about your long-term goals, and allow you to ask more questions.

Additional Tests

In some cases, we may have you complete several role-related tests. For example, if you’re applying for our client services team, we may ask you to prepare a sample teaser profile or confidential information memorandum (CIM) for a fictitious company.

Final Interviews

You will have final interviews with team members and Jacob Orosz, the founder and president of Morgan & Westfield.

Meet Our Team

You may have the opportunity to talk directly to members of our team to ensure our company is a good fit before we make a mutual commitment. These conversations are intended to give you a candid, behind-the-scenes look at Morgan & Westfield before you make this critical decision. We want you to see for yourself what we’re really like, not just what we say we’re like.

Reference and Background Checks

We may conduct multiple reference checks with your previous employers, as well as criminal and other background checks.