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Denton, Texas, Office of Morgan & Westfield. At the Denton, Texas, office of Morgan & Westfield, we make selling your business easier. Selling your business on your own is challenging and risky. Not only are there many highly complex, technical tasks to complete, but if mistakes are made, you could be risking the value of your company. When you consider the amount of time and effort required to sell a business, and the fact that even innocent mistakes can prevent your business from being sold for its maximum value, the advantages to selling your business with the assistance of a professional business broker become clear.

What to Expect From Selling Your Business

If you have never been through the process of selling a business, you might not know what it entails. Generally, the process follows these steps:

  • Business valuation
  • The business is put up for sale
  • The business sale is advertised
  • Potential buyers are found and screened
  • Negotiations with potential buyers
  • A deal is reached
  • The sale is closed and contractual obligations are completed

While this is the general process for most business sales, depending on your specific circumstances, you may have additional steps to complete, which our business brokers will help you determine. We will also complete or assist you in completing each of the steps in the overall process of selling your business.

Below are a few commonly overlooked details of what to expect when selling your business and some advice on how to handle these issues:

  • Be prepared to negotiate with buyers and remember that both sides are trying to get the best deal possible. So you should always take negotiations in stride and remain open-minded.
  • Business sales come with some contingencies and obligations for the seller. You will probably be asked to sign a non-compete agreement, and you will need to train your buyer. We recommend that you be as informed as possible about your obligations before you agree to any deal.
  • You should always sell your business discreetly. Failure to do so will jeopardize the value of your company and your privacy. Our business brokers recommend using non-disclosure agreements with everyone involved in the business sale.
  • Your business’s location is important, so be sure to research your lease agreement. It is important that you are able to transfer your lease to potential buyers. The inability to do so will make it far more challenging to sell your business.
  • Understand the tax ramifications of selling your business. Failure to meet all of your tax obligations could have disastrous consequences.

Contact Morgan & Westfield, Denton, Texas Office

If you are selling a business in the Dallas-Fort Worth area of Texas and you want to work with a team of qualified professionals, the Denton, Texas, office of Morgan & Westfield is here to help. Our business brokers will provide you with a free initial consultation. During this meeting, our business brokers will answer any questions that you may have about Morgan & Westfield, our qualifications, the process of selling a business and how we will help you sell your business. This will also be an opportunity for our team to learn more about your specific business and how we can accommodate you. To schedule this free consultation, contact the Denton, Texas, office of Morgan & Westfield today.

Qualified Business Brokers

When you decide to sell your business through a professional business broker, it is important that the business broker you partner with is qualified. At the Denton, Texas, office of Morgan & Westfield, our business brokers are uniquely qualified to facilitate any business sale in the Dallas-Fort Worth area of Texas. In this region of Texas, our business brokers have more than 100 years of combined experience in facilitating business sales. We are particularly experienced in the communities of Denton, Krugerville, Aubrey, Pilot Point, Tioga, Collinsville, Whitesboro, Gainesville, Valley View, Era, Sanger, Bolivar, Slidell, Greenwood, Decatur, Bridgeport, Boyd, Rhome, Blair, Justin, Krum, Northlake, Ponder, Argyle, Keller, Roanoke, Flower Mound, Lewisville, Coppell, McKinney, Fairview, Allen, Grapevine, Irving, Plano, Richardson, Arlington, Fort Worth and Dallas. In addition to these specific communities, we also have experience in many of the neighboring communities in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Throughout these communities, our business brokers have facilitated thousands of business sales, with hundreds being completed annually. Some of the types of companies that we have sold locally include real estate agencies, fitness centers, restaurants and bars, transportation services, manufacturing companies, agricultural companies, contractor services, law firms, Internet-based companies, car dealerships, car care companies, retail stores and trucking companies. Our business brokers have even facilitated sales and resales for franchises. All of these companies varied not just in the nature of their business, but also in their value, with values ranging from $50,000 to more than $50 million. Our business brokers are fully capable of facilitating any business sale in the Dallas-Fort Worth region of Texas.

What to Expect From Morgan & Westfield, Denton, Texas Office

When you choose to enlist our assistance with selling your business, you receive the assistance of a team of professionals dedicated to helping you. At Morgan & Westfield, we pride ourselves on providing you with quality service. We believe that providing this level of service is paramount to successfully completing the sale of your business. For this reason, when you work with the Denton, Texas, office of Morgan & Westfield, you can expect:

  • Honest and reliable service
  • Constant support and advice
  • Service based on superior ethical standards
  • Complete professionalism
  • Assistance from certified professionals
  • Access to national resources
  • Complete confidentiality
  • Access to other industry professionals
  • No exclusive contracts
  • No commission
  • Unmatched standards for service

Past Transactions - Business Sales or Appraisal

Following is a representative list of past transactions we have worked on:

Ambulance Service
Private Households
Vending Machine Route
Automotive Parts Dealer
Private School
Jimmy John’ Gourmet
B2b Wholesale
Produce Market
Janitorial Distributor
Baby Products Retailer
Quick Lube
Liquor Store
Creative Artists
Quick Print Business
Little Caesar’ Pizza
Rope, Cordage Manufacturing
Motion Picture Exhibition
Day Care
Route Distribution Business
Motion Picture Production
Domestic Representation
Rubber Manufacturer
Non-Metallic Mineral Mining
Embroidery Shop
Non-Metallic Manufacturing
Estate Planning Services
Stainless Steel Food
Onshore Aquaculture
Fabric Store
State Government
Ophthalmic Practice
Furniture Retailing
Tee Shirt Shop
Hobby Shop
Grocery Product Distributor
Trade College
Internet Publishing
Trailer and Motor Retail
Ice Cream
Huntington Learning Center
Tyre Manufacturing
UP Store

Our Process

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Selling your business is the apex of your financial life. After investing your blood, sweat, and tears into an enterprise that has provided for you, your family and your employees, the moment has finally come for you to start a new chapter in your life.

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The Complete Guide to Selling 
a Business: A Roadmap to the Successful Sale of Your Business

Written by Jacob Orosz, Founder of Morgan & Westfield

You could spend a lifetime figuring out how to successfully sell your business and still end up confused or clueless. What if you can stop the guesswork and start taking action now? With two decades of experience, Jacob Orosz puts together in this book the best tips and strategies he has used in helping hundreds of business owners successfully sell their companies.

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