Work On Your Business — Not In Your Business

This is a printing business with over 32 years of experience that enables it to forge strong relationships with the customers in the area. Founded in 1985, this business has a scalable model and repeat customer base that includes all schools in the local area. The business is in a busy industrial street with high visibility, ample parking space and high volume of car traffic.

The old school way ―Treating the customers like I would like to be treated.

“Every time I had a question, the answer would come out immediately, they knew where all the paperwork was. When we finally wrapped it up, we contact them, we put it in an e-mail, the different particulars, we had papers to sign within four days, it was unbelievable. Also the other thing too was their ability to get back to me in a timely manner for a telephone consultation or an email or a form that I needed or any sort of information I needed they were there. It was really an easy transition as far as the broker was concerned." - Virgil Bartolomucci (Sunset Screen Printing)