For the past two decades, the business brokerage professionals at Morgan & Westfield have handled hundreds of transactions, selling small to mid-sized businesses with values up to $50 million. As a result, Morgan & Westfield has accumulated a corporate knowledge base without equal in the industry. We understand what selling or buying a business means to you. We understand the physical, emotional and financial investment you have put into your business. We know that selling or buying a business will be the single most important transaction of your life. That’s why we believe we should be your trusted advisor through this process.

Our principal goal is to provide the highest level of professional services possible so you can be successful in selling your business for the price you seek and to a buyer who will carry on your legacy. Our business model is revolutionary. Unlike most brokers, we are primarily fee-based, which means you can pick and choose the services you need and avoid high commissions.


Our philosophy is all about collaboration. You know your business and industry better than anyone and we know how to buy or sell a business. By working together to develop sales and marketing strategies, we will guide you through to a successful transaction.


In dealing with larger business entities, we often move into the Merger & Acquistion (M&A) world. In M&A, the  transactions are fast-paced and often complex. This means you need a M&A consultant who knows how to maneuver through the maze of financial, legal, operational and administrative barriers that could prevent your company from being acquired or sold. At Morgan & Westfield, we’ve developed a comprehensive road map to guide clients through the M&A minefield. We understand the dynamics of seeing the transaction from both the buyer's and the seller’s viewpoint. Sellers need to take a level, objective view of the proposed transaction to correctly identify issues and red flags — and that’s a challenge for many sellers. Morgan & Westfield helps sellers identify risk and quantify liabilities so they can be addressed.


  • No retainer fees

  • We understand the needs of small and medium sized businesses

  • Open communication

  • We have successfully sold hundreds of businesses

  • Efficient, cost effective - we provide key strategic advice for many parties for less than a few thousand dollars per transaction

  • Use us as little or as much as you like - no commitments

  • Fair and honest pricing

  • Unbiased advice

  • Flat fees may be available for certain transactions

  • Many clients feel that it is better to hire a qualified, experienced lawyer and law firm, and pay to have the work done right, rather than hiring a young and inexperienced lawyer or less competent attorney and law firm.

  • We are highly efficient at the process of buying or selling a business - it's all we do

  • We represent both buyers and sellers so we understand both parties points of view and underlying motivations

  • Fast turnaround time available

  • Custom tailored documents

  • We represent clients across the United States

  • We extensively use administrative personnel, which lowers your overall cost

  • Broad range of experience from selling, buying and appraising businesses in a broad range of industries

  • Advice customized to meet unique needs of each of our clients

  • Our advice is much more holistic than other professionals, such as attorneys or accountants - we focus on the integrated whole and have deep, substantial experience advising hundreds of entrepreneurs so we understand the bottleneck is usually implementation and we therefore strive to give realistic, highly practical advice

Who We Represent

Morgan & Westfield’s consulting services are used by all players in the process of selling or buying a business, including the following:



Business Owners


Board of Directors



Business Appraisers

Management Teams

Private Equity Groups


Practice Areas

Morgan & Westfield’s can help with the following:

  • Strategy
  • Planning
  • Joint Ventures and Alliances
  • Business Valuation
  • Financing - Structuring seller financing, or obtaining bank or other forms of financing
  • Deal Structure
  • Angel Capital
  • Partner Buyouts
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Exit Planning
  • Succession Planning
  • Value Enhancement
  • Managment & Team Strategy

Our Advantage

Morgan & Westfield’s can help with the following:

Geographic Reach

Because Morgan & Westfield is a digital company, we are not bound by the limitations of brick and mortar institutions. Like the Amazons, Googles and Facebooks of the world, we harness the power of the Internet to complete a successful transaction.

Deep Bench of  Support Services

Morgan & Westfield’s support team of legal, accounting, real estate appraisal and other professional services provide a deep bench, making sure all the pieces in the sale of your business come together for a seamless, coordinated closing.


We keep your credit card on file and bill it weekly in 5-minute increments for all time spent, whether by phone or email


For businesses with annual revenue less than $1,000,000


For businesses with annual revenue greater than $1,000,000

Fee + 20%

Subcontractor Work:

Travel Time

Does not include

Emergency Rates

Hourly Rate x 1.5 - Quoted fees are for work performed during normal working hours, Monday through Friday, 9:00 am – 5:00 pm PST or PDST. For emergency assistance, jobs which must be completed over the weekend, or consulting outside of normal working hours, 1.5 rates will apply.

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