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There are countless factors that can impact your business’s sales, some of which are external to your business, including general economic conditions, how other businesses in your industry are performing or being sold, the demand for the product or service that you are selling, and how your business relates to and is affected by the overall marketplace. These external factors may be completely beyond your control, but they can have a significant impact on your ability to sell your business. Because it is necessary to understand the changing dynamics of your marketplace and adapt your sales strategy accordingly, it is vital that you work with a broker who understands these dynamics. A business broker with local connections will have their finger on the pulse of the marketplace. And as market dynamics change, they will be able to adjust their advice accordingly.

Given the importance of understanding the dynamics of our client’s marketplace, our business brokers choose to work only with the business owners of our local Southwestern Idaho communities. This allows us to maintain a constant awareness of the marketplace and enables us to provide you with more accurate advice. We are dedicated to serving business owners throughout the Southwestern Idaho region; however, we place a particular emphasis on serving the business owners of the following communities:

Ada County

  • Boise
  • Star
  • Mora
  • Owyhee
  • Garden City
  • Hidden Springs
  • Meridian
  • Blacks Creek
  • Regina
  • Orchard
  • Eagle
  • Kuna
  • Pleasant Valley

Boise County

  • Horseshoe Bend
  • Placerville
  • New Centerville
  • Gardena
  • Pioneerville
  • Idaho City
  • Brownlee
  • Washington Mill

Elmore County

  • Mayfield
  • Mountain Home
  • Cleft
  • Prairie

Owyhee County

  • Homedale
  • Givens Hot Springs
  • Guffey
  • Marsing
  • Wilson
  • Reynolds
  • Rockville
  • Walters Ferry
  • Murphy

Canyon County

  • Parma
  • Notus
  • Caldwell
  • Bowmont
  • Wilder
  • Amsco
  • Moss
  • Kings Corner
  • Greenleaf
  • Middleton
  • Melba
  • Napa

Gem County

  • Letha
  • Montour
  • Sweet
  • Pearl
  • Black Canyon
  • Emmett

Why You Should Consider Seller Financing

At the Boise, Idaho, office of Morgan & Westfield, our business brokers are dedicated to not only ensuring a smooth and successful sale, but also to making sure that you maximize the return that you receive on your sale. There are many ways that our brokers will help you get the most out of your sale, including helping you to accurately value and price your company, connecting you to quality buyers who are willing and able to pay more for your business, facilitating the negotiation process and structuring your sale in a way that maximizes profits.

Another way that our business brokers help you to maximize your profits is by making you aware of your financing options. At Morgan & Westfield, our brokers always recommend that you at least consider financing your own sale if you have the resources to do so. Yes, seller financing does come with some risks — and these risks must be addressed before you decide to finance your own sale — but there are also many advantages to financing your own sale, including:

  • Buyers will see your willingness to finance as a sign that you are confident in your company’s future. This will assure them that your business represents a worthy investment, will attract more buyers, and will make your business easier to sell. Attracting more buyers can also create a more competitive sales environment that will cause your business’s value to increase.
  • When you finance your own sale, you are able to offer buyers more attractive financing terms, again increasing buyer interest.
  • Because sellers who finance their own sales can offer better sale terms, they can also command a higher initial asking price.
  • When you finance your own sale, you are also able to charge your buyer interest on the sale price the same way that a lending service with any other type of loan would. Meaning that not only can you command a higher price in the market, but you will also receive interest on that higher price, further increasing your profits.
  • When you do not finance your own sale and you receive your payout for your business in a lump sum, you will be required to pay capital gains taxes on that sale all at once. However, when you finance your own sale, you are only required to pay capital gains taxes on the amount that you receive each year. Essentially, seller financing allows you to spread your tax obligations out over the life of the financing term rather than being due all at once.

Selling a Business in Boise, Idaho

Each year, our business brokers at the Boise, Idaho, office of Morgan & Westfield facilitate hundreds of successful business sales in the Southwestern Idaho area. Our brokers are dedicated to helping the business owners of this region sell their businesses in a way that ensures a smooth and successful sales process. To learn more about how our business brokers can facilitate the sale of your business, contact the Boise, Idaho office of Morgan & Westfield today.

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About Boise, Idaho

Boise is the capital city of Idaho, United States, with a population of approximately 250,000 as of the 2023 census. Situated in the picturesque Treasure Valley region, Boise offers a dynamic mix of urban amenities and outdoor adventures.

Nestled along the scenic Boise River, the city provides easy access to a wealth of recreational activities, including hiking, biking, and kayaking. The downtown area buzzes with energy, featuring a vibrant arts scene, trendy eateries, and lively entertainment venues.

Boise’s strong sense of community is evident in its diverse neighborhoods, thriving local businesses, and numerous community events. With its blend of metropolitan sophistication and natural beauty, Boise captivates residents and visitors alike, offering an exceptional quality of life.

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Past Transactions - Business Sales or Appraisals

  • Ambulance Service
  • Private Households
  • Vending Machine Route
  • Automotive Parts Dealer
  • Private School
  • Jimmy John' Gourmet
  • B2B Wholesale
  • Produce Market
  • Janitorial Distributor
  • Baby Products Retailer
  • Quick Lube
  • Liquor Store
  • Creative Artists
  • Quick Print Business
  • Little Caesar’ Pizza
  • Café
  • Day Care
  • Rubber Manufacturer
  • Embroidery Shop
  • Spa
  • Stainless Steel Food
  • Onshore Aquaculture
  • Fabric Store
  • State Government

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