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The most comprehensive, easy-to-understand source of information for selling a small to mid-sized business.

General Information

Thinking of selling your business? Start with our guide to the general concepts and processes of M&A, such as timing your sale, the most common reasons owners exit, and how involved you can expect to be at each step.

The Process of Selling a Business

How Involved Will I Be in Selling My Business?

A critical question you should consider is how involved you must be in each stage of the process of selling your business. While this isn’t a question we commonly receive from sellers, it should be. There are moments in the transaction in which you must be closely involved and others when it’s better to take a back seat.

Selling a Business: A High-Level Overview 

This guide aims to be the leading M&A knowledgebase. Beginning with the decision to exit your company, all the way to closing the deal, we believe there is no other guide as comprehensive yet concise, as balanced yet wholly on your side, geared to the best possible outcome for you and your company.

7 Steps to Sell a Business Fast

It’s a complicated process but you can simplify the procedure with a plan and increase your chances for a successful sale by properly executing each step of that plan.

A Simple Recipe for an Efficient Business Sale

A method that’s efficient and highly effective. It starts with drawing up a fact sheet known as a Confidential Information Memorandum (CIM). A CIM provides pre-screened shoppers with answers to basic questions about your business before they even get a chance to ask.

Timing the Sale of a Business

Can I Time the Sale of My Business?

When it comes to the sale of your business, how important is timing? Perhaps you’re looking to exit at a given moment to coincide with a change in personal circumstances, or perhaps you feel your business or industry is about to peak, and you want to capitalize at just the right moment.

How Long Does it Take to Sell a Business?

How long it takes to sell a business is among the most frequent queries we receive, and understandably so. Once you decide to put your blood, sweat, and tears on full display, patience suddenly comes at a premium.

The Difficulty of Selling a Business

What Percentage of Businesses Sell?

You’ve seen multiple M&A success rates from brokers, M&A advisors, and investment bankers, but we believe reliable data can be found right here.

Why is Selling a Business so Hard?

As well as inadequate prep, selling your business can be challenging simply because the process is so complicated and the market so inefficient, because businesses are intricate and difficult to assess, and because buyers are unpredictable and risk-averse, leading to lengthy due diligence.

Most Common Deal Killers When Selling Your Business

Did you ever get to the top of the diving board only to “chicken out”? In this article, we take a look at wary buyers and other potential deal-killers, along with how to minimize their impact or prevent them altogether.

The Importance of Persistence When Selling a Business

Preparation is critical to lowering your blood pressure and improving the chances of selling your business at the same time. And that requires organizational skills and a lot of hard work. Once your business is on the market, patience and persistence are critical.

Why Don’t Some Businesses Sell?

There are numerous reasons a deal may never make it to closing. In the article that follows, we examine and analyze more than 25 real-world case studies from past clients whose businesses did not sell. Reviewing these examples will give you insight into the salability of your own business, along with steps you can take to help ensure your company does sell when you decide to put it on the market.

Motivations for Selling a Business

Why Do Business Owners Exit?

As a business owner looking to exit, you may be curious to know if your reason is unique or if it matches the general pattern laid down by your contemporaries.

The Different Sub-Markets/Segments

Tech & Online Businesses

How Do I Sell my Amazon FBA Business?

This information in this article is for owners of Fulfillment by Amazon businesses or those teaching others how to sell on Amazon. Some of these principles will apply to Amazon Delivery businesses, but delivery businesses tend to operate more like local brick-and-mortar shops (albeit with a heavy dependency on Amazon).

Tech & Software M&A Dynamics

This article will take you into the mind of a potential buyer of a technology or software company and provide you with an overview for why they make acquisitions and what is important to them when they are considering making an acquisition.

Top 5 M&A Value Drivers for Tech & Software Companies

And just as there are any number of other actions you can take to increase the value of a house — finishing a basement and painting high-traffic areas come to mind — there are steps you can take to enhance the value of your tech, software, or online business.