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Expanding Your Business in Europe

Expanding Your Business in Europe

Andrew Pike


Business and end-consumers in Europe have an appetite for American products and services, so it’s no surprise that there is an increasing interest among entrepreneurs to grow their businesses by expanding into Europe. Andrew Pike, managing director at AN Valuation Services in the Netherlands, has nearly two decades of investment industry experience as a valuation advisor and provider of M&A and transaction support, in addition to other specialties. He’ll explain how cultural differences from country to country influence the way executives do business there and how expanding your company into European markets might be easier than you think.

Guest Profile

Business and intellectual property valuation advisor with almost 2 decades of investment industry experience and more than 13 years experience in the Dutch business environment. CFA Charterholder, ASA Senior Appraiser, ASA European chapter vice president, IIBV education and marketing committees and Chairman of ASA Europe education committee. Guest lecturer at several Dutch universities.

Specialties: Business valuation, intangible asset valuation, intellectual property valuation, purchase price allocation (PPA), impairment testing, WOZ bedrijfswaarde, Dutch fiscal valuations, transaction support, M&A support, acquisition support, financial modelling, complex investment modelling, debt valuation, investment analysis, value based management


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