The Role and Impact of Human Nature in M&A Transactions

About the Episode

Don’t underestimate the role and impact of human nature in M&A transactions and the power of collaboration. Julienne Baron discusses connecting the dots in M&A, including communication, the importance of advisors understanding the details in a deal, and knowing the right questions to ask to make it all a success. She shares tips on successfully navigating risk, how cultural differences impact communication, and the importance of hands-on experience in addressing the complexities of any M&A transaction.

“If you know where people have come from, where they want to get to, and what they’re most worried about, that helps in how you structure your narrative as a seller or how you negotiate on either side as a buyer or a seller.”

Julienne Baron

In this Episode

2:16 Julienne Baron’s background in M&A.
3:44 Why are small M&A deals challenging?
6:35 What are some of the unique aspects of doing M&A deals in Indonesia?
8:19 How do cultural differences impact M&A transactions?
12:42 Why is M&A experience so important for professional advisors who work in M&A?
14:53 What is the difference between textbook knowledge of M&A vs. hands-on experience?
20:34 How do the different personalities of people involved in a transaction impact M&A deals?
24:24 Are there ways to mitigate risk in a transaction? How subjective is an assessment of risk?
26:51 How important is it for the advisors and the principals involved in a transaction to understand and comprehend the purchase agreement?
31:21 What is the secret to connecting the dots between various aspects of an M&A transaction?
36:34 How can someone doing an M&A deal learn from mistakes and creatively solve problems?
38:57 What’s the role of good communication in dealing with issues and building relationships in M&A?
45:57 How does preparing a company for sale help address a buyer’s risk perceptions? Does it help mitigate perceived weaknesses?
46:45 What is the risk vs. reward narrative in preparing a business for sale?
49:02 What is the take-home message for listeners to remember?

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Resources Mentioned in This Episode

Terms Mentioned in This Episode

  • IPO: Initial Public Offering – when a company decides to sell its shares to the public for the first time.
  • KYC Procedures: “Know Your Customer Procedures” – steps taken by businesses to verify the identity of their clients to prevent fraud and money laundering.
  • SWOT Analysis: Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats analysis – a strategic planning tool used to identify and evaluate the internal and external factors that can impact a business or project.

Meet Our Guest

Julienne Baron

Julienne Baron

Principal at Mijore Advisory Limited

Julienne Baron is the Principal at Mijore Advisory Limited, providing advisory services and customized training packages to help companies and individuals navigate the complexities of M&A. She is a commercial lawyer admitted in England and Australia, with more than 28 years of experience in mergers and acquisitions.

After working in private practice in Melbourne, Australia, and Jakarta, Indonesia, specializing in foreign investment projects, Julienne spent 22 years in the legal department of Shell Global in London, supporting portfolio projects in more than 45 different countries, before starting Mijore Advisory Limited. She also delivers M&A training to ensure that business people, finance executives, lawyers, and other professionals exposed to M&A are fully equipped to anticipate issues, manage risks, negotiate effectively, and preserve value in their M&A transactions.

Location Location: London, United Kingdom
Website Website:

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