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About the Episode

In this episode of M&A Talk, we take a deep dive into the many facets of M&A with Corey Kupfer, the author of Authentic Negotiating: Clarity, Detachment & Equilibrium – The Three Keys to True Negotiating Success & How to Achieve Them. We discuss the role of lifestyle businesses, lawyers as deal makers, happiness as a new metric in considering an M&A deal, The Five Whys, and the keys to negotiating in M&A.

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In this Episode

1:21 Corey’s controversial opinion on lifestyle businesses.
8:00 What are the chances of retiring at the age of 35 or 40?
11:28 Why do entrepreneurs often go back to work after retiring?
13:21 What is the essence of M&A?
14:39 What is the difference between organic and inorganic growth in M&A?
19:27 If you have never done a deal before, where should you start?
21:23 Corey’s opinion on the middle-market.
22:20 Acquiring a lifestyle business.
23:15 What is a lifestyle business?
36:05 Happiness as a new metric in considering an M&A deal.
40:43 The Five Whys.
44:18 The essence of Corey’s book Authentic Negotiating: Clarity, Detachment & Equilibrium.
48:16 How do you put yourself in a position so you can remain detached when doing a deal?
51:31 What does equilibrium mean in negotiating?
55:07 Are lawyers good negotiators and deal-makers?
55:48 What makes a good deal maker?
1:00:01 How do you screen an attorney as a potential deal maker?
1:03:09 How important is industry experience when hiring an attorney?

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Meet Our Guest

Corey Kupfer

Corey Kupfer

Principal at Kupfer & Associates, PLLC and Host of the DealQuest Podcast

Corey Kupfer runs his own New York-based law firm, Kupfer & Associates, PLLC. He is an expert strategist, deal-maker, attorney, and consultant with over 35 years of experience.

Corey is also the host of the DealQuest Podcast. He interviews entrepreneurs, executives, and experts who have great stories to tell about deals they have done or failed to do. Corey was a co-founder and member of the Board of 1+1+1=ONE, an organization committed to using art and civic dialogue for positive social change in race relations and young women’s empowerment. He served as a leader in the New York community for The Hunger Project, an organization empowering people to end their own hunger. He is the founder of the Conversations About Race project, in which people have been having one-on-one, intimate, cross-cultural dialogues about race for over 20 years. These experiences are foundational to his work as co-founder of White Awakening.

In his book Authentic Negotiating: Clarity, Detachment & Equilibrium – The Three Keys to True Negotiating Success & How to Achieve Them, Corey reveals the real work it takes to become a great negotiator.

Location Location: Rye Brook, New York

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