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The most comprehensive, easy-to-understand source of information for selling a small to mid-sized business.
  • Preparation
  • Valuation
  • Exit Options
  • M&A Team
  • Marketing
  • Letter of Intent
  • Deal Structure
  • Due Diligence
  • Closing
  • Transition
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Books on Selling a Business

Written by Jacob Orosz, President and Founder of Morgan & Westfield

The Art of the Exit
The Exit Strategy Handbook
Closing the Deal
A Beginner’s Guide to Business Valuation
Food and Beverage M&A
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Knowledge Base

Over 1000 pages of articles on every step of the process of buying or selling a business from the most exhaustive encyclopedia of M&A articles in the industry.

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M&A Glossary

An extensive, user-friendly list of definitions for the terms used in buying and selling a business.

  • Main Street
  • Lehman Formula
  • Key Employee
  • Inventory
  • Holdback
  • Goodwill
  • Fair Value
  • Depreciation
  • Cash Flow
  • Add-Backs
  • Bad Faith
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The Art & Science of Selling a Business

Lessons Learned From 20 Years on Both Sides of the Table

Have you ever wished you could get into the head of the party on the other side of the negotiating table? Here’s your chance.

Join us as we take a deep dive into the sales process with serial entrepreneur Jim Evanger, discussing the perspective of both buyer and seller. Jim has founded, started, operated, and exited multiple middle-market businesses and handled numerous acquisitions as a buyer, giving him deep experience on both sides of the table.

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Downloadable forms for buying or selling a business from preparing for the sale to closing

Return on Value Drivers Model (RVD)

The RVD Model is a worksheet that helps you identify and prioritize the action steps you can take that will have the greatest impact on improving the value of your business.

Download the template here: