Life After Retirement: Lessons Learned from an Early Retiree

About the Episode

What does life after retirement look like?

Emery Orosz, Morgan & Westfield’s Senior VP for Franchise Resales, has done it all — he has worked in corporate America for three decades, retired at 48, built and sold three houses, sold his own business, and moved to a foreign country. After years of enjoying his life post-retirement, he got bored and went back to work doing what he loved.

What can we learn from Emery’s risk-taking attitude that made him and his spouse embrace retirement and the series of adventures and changes that came along with it?   If you’re selling your business for retirement without any clear plan on how you will spend the next years of your life, listen to this episode with our guest, Emery Orosz, to find out what’s waiting for you in the next phase of your life.

Meet Our Guest

Emery Orosz

Emery Orosz

Director at Morgan & Westfield

As an entrepreneur and business broker, Emery Orosz helps independent business owners plan their exit and sell their companies. Emery also works with large franchisors nationwide in developing their overall exit planning strategy and transition process to ensure a smooth transition for their franchisee-operated units.

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