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Who We Are

Morgan & Westfield is a National business Advisory firm with offices located throughout the United States. We employ qualified business Advisors throughout North America to assist business owners with the complex task of selling their business. Our national firm collectively facilitates thousands of business sales every year. And each of our individual offices facilitates hundreds of business sales annually.

We take great pride in providing quality service that is based on a high standard of ethics. We believe that operating ethically and providing quality service that based on our ethics is one of the reasons why Morgan & Westfield has become so successful.

As part of our commitment to providing ethical services, our business advisors place a particular emphasis on confidentiality. We take great care to protect your privacy at all times, both internally and externally. Everyone involved with your business’s sale signs a confidentiality agreement. Our business advisors guide you to ensure privacy as you go through the process of selling your business.

Morgan & Westfield Business Advisors, Columbia, Missouri. When you sell your business through Morgan & Westfield, we can help you get to the rewarding part faster. Our experienced business advisors facilitate the sale of your business in a way that both expedites and eases the process. At Morgan & Westfield, our number one goal is to achieve the successful sale of your business, and in the process, enable you to enjoy the rewarding aspects of selling the business.

Your Local Business Brokers

The Columbia, Missouri, office of Morgan & Westfield is one of the many localized offices that make up the larger Morgan & Westfield business brokerage firm. Our Columbia, Missouri, office serves business owners throughout the Mid-Missouri area. Our business brokers are deeply connected to this community, and we understand how to exhibit the benefits that this community has to offer to the potential buyers of your business. We understand how to communicate the benefits of having a business located in a college town to potential buyers, and what an asset it can be to own a business in a location that has such a rich connection to the arts.

But our business brokers are not just connected to Columbia, Missouri, we are connected to and have experience facilitating business sales in many of the surrounding communities that make up Mid-Missouri. These communities include Columbia, Shaw, Stephens, Murry, Hinton, Midway, Huntsdale, McBaine, Pierpont, Ashland, Centralia, Hallsville, Rocheport, Boonville, Harrisburg, Woodlandville, New Franklin, Windsor Place, Lupus, Jamestown, Hartsburg, Rucker, Sturgeon, Fulton and Jefferson City. Our business brokers are proud to work with the business owners that make up this region of Mid-Missouri. We are also extremely proud of the role that we play in helping to continue to grow our local communities.

If you are a business owner in one of these Mid-Missouri communities or one of the neighboring communities, contact the Columbia, Missouri, office of Morgan & Westfield. We will schedule an initial consultation that is completely free and comes with absolutely no obligations. During this meeting, our business brokers will discuss your business with you and all of the ways that we can ease the process of selling your business. We will also explain why our business brokers are qualified to facilitate the sale of your business and how you can benefit from partnering with us. If you are selling a business in the Mid-Missouri area and you want to learn more about how we can help you, contact the Columbia, Missouri, office of Morgan & Westfield today.

Sell Your Business Through Morgan & Westfield, Columbia, Missouri, Office

At the Columbia, Missouri, office of Morgan & Westfield, our business advisors pride themselves on making it easier for you to sell your business. We accomplish this by providing services that will complete many of the technical aspects of the sale for you. Some of the services that our business advisors provide include:

  • Business appraisals and a formal business valuation report
  • A formal offering document
  • A confidential marketing campaign
  • Connecting you with a national audience of potential buyers
  • Screening potential buyers
  • Facilitation of negotiations
  • Due diligence
  • Deal structuring advice
  • Securing funding for the deal
  • Assistance with completing all documentation to finalize the deal
  • Constant support and guidance
  • Assistance in contacting other industry professionals

By doing these tasks for you or assisting you in completing them, we simplify the process for you. We also make sure that you are well informed and supported. This way, you are never unsure of what to expect at any point in the process of selling your business.

The Benefits of Using a Business Advisor

When selling a business, it is advisable to utilize the services of an experienced business advisor. A business advisor can handle many of the more challenging aspects of selling your business for you. They can also offer advice and guidance as you navigate the complex process of selling your business. But beyond just providing services that handle the process of selling your business, a business advisor can also help you to maximize the returns on the sale of your business. At Morgan & Westfield, we accomplish this in two ways.

First, we help you to negotiate a higher price by advising you on negotiation techniques and assisting you with structuring the deal. By doing this, we make it far more likely that you will come to a more beneficial deal. Deals that are structured without the advice of a business advisor are more likely to be structured incorrectly; this often results in further negotiations or the deal being rejected entirely. These factors, along with a lack of experience in negotiating business sales, are the main reasons why businesses that are sold privately usually sell for below their market value .

The second way that our business brokers help you to maximize returns is by expediting the process. When selling a business privately, due to a lack of experience in selling businesses and a lack of time to devote to selling the business, unexpected challenges usually slow the process considerably. Business owners who sell their business privately also often lack the resources to expose their business to a large audience of potential buyers. This makes it more difficult to find a buyer and decreases their leverage during negotiations, which draws out the negotiation process.

But when you sell your business through Morgan & Westfield, we continually work to ensure that the sale of your business is moving forward. We will utilize our experience and our ability to focus solely on the sale of your business to ensure that there is continuous progress. Our business advisors also expose your business to a national audience of potential buyers. This will both help you to find a buyer more quickly and increase your leverage during negotiations. These two factors will serve to expedite the sale of your business while simultaneously helping you to maximize your profits.

Past Transactions - Business Sales or Appraisal

Following is a representative list of past transactions we have worked on:

Ambulance Service
Private Households
Vending Machine Route
Automotive Parts Dealer
Private School
Jimmy John’ Gourmet
B2b Wholesale
Produce Market
Janitorial Distributor
Baby Products Retailer
Quick Lube
Liquor Store
Creative Artists
Quick Print Business
Little Caesar’ Pizza
Rope, Cordage Manufacturing
Motion Picture Exhibition
Day Care
Route Distribution Business
Motion Picture Production
Domestic Representation
Rubber Manufacturer
Non-Metallic Mineral Mining
Embroidery Shop
Non-Metallic Manufacturing
Estate Planning Services
Stainless Steel Food
Onshore Aquaculture
Fabric Store
State Government
Ophthalmic Practice
Furniture Retailing
Tee Shirt Shop
Hobby Shop
Grocery Product Distributor
Trade College
Internet Publishing
Trailer and Motor Retail
Ice Cream
Huntington Learning Center
Tyre Manufacturing
UP Store

Our Process

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Selling your business is the apex of your financial life. After investing your blood, sweat, and tears into an enterprise that has provided for you, your family and your employees, the moment has finally come for you to start a new chapter in your life.

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