Everything You Need To Know Before Growing Internationally


About the Episode

It is critical to have the right partner in place to successfully grow into an international market. Michele Museyri, with HSP Group, specializes in helping companies expand internationally, and she shares expert tips for managing the process. This jam-packed show discusses what goes into making the decision to expand, issues to consider, legal and cultural differences, and the intricacies of compliance. Also, a brief quiz with facts on cultural and legal differences in regions and countries around the globe.

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“Businesses don’t know what they don’t know, and that is a really expensive problem. You have companies growing into new countries, whether they’re buying businesses because they need the talent or because they need the expertise. And most of the time, businesses have no idea what the implications are going to be, from a compliance perspective, or how they are going to be managing the employees, and then ongoing to keep the business in good standing.”

Michele Museyri

In this Episode

3:14 How did Michele get into helping companies grow internationally?
5:40 What are some of the biggest hurdles companies face when considering expanding internationally?
9:15 Which are the easiest countries to expand into from the United States?
11:59 Is there a correct time in a company’s development for expansion?
16:19 What major areas does a company need to consider when growing internationally?
19:10 Which is more difficult, organic growth or growth through acquisitions (M&A)?
24:14 Who needs to be included in an expansion team in the U.S. and foreign countries?
27:58 How does HSP Group help a business understand the intricacies of expanding into another country? What are the two key questions a company needs to be able to answer?
37:11 What are the most common themes among businesses when expanding internationally?
40:15 What types of companies usually expand internationally? Are these publicly held, or does venture capital back them?
41:58 At what point does a company decide to grow through M&A, and when do they contact a company like HSP Group?
45:18 Do many companies have in-house teams that can fully handle acquisition and expansion into another country, or is a company like HSP Group always needed?
50:35 What’s required in an acquisition to take over a business compliantly and ensure a smooth transition?
52:26 How often is a company like HSP Group involved in due diligence?
56:02 What are the biggest mistakes typically made in a transition services agreement (TSA)?
1:01:00 Quiz Time – What are some differences in laws, cultural matters, and pressing issues in countries and regions other than the U.S., including Japan, France, Spain, Mexico, Sweden, the United Kingdom, India, and Guatemala?
1:07:36 What’s the most popular country for international expansion into Central America?
1:12:18 What are some considerations when considering expanding into South American and African countries?
1:16:50 How does political instability factor into expansion into various countries?
1:19:40 What are some specific issues when considering expansion into various regions and countries, including Africa, the Middle East, Asia, South Korea, Malaysia, and Indonesia?
1:32:28 What’s the biggest challenge when expanding into Europe? How homogeneous is Europe?
1:36:09 Which are the regions that tend to be considered first for international expansion?
1:37:11 What is some advice for companies thinking of expanding internationally?

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Acronyms or Terms Used in This Episode

  • VC-backed: Venture capital-backed
  • TSA: Transition services agreement
  • Japan – Metabo Law: The law has been around since 2008. Employers must measure the waistline of their employees between the ages of 40-75 once a year as part of a law to reduce obesity. Employers have to help overweight employees lose weight or face penalties. The waist limit is set at 85 cm for men and 90 cm for women (over 40 years old).

Meet Our Guest

Michele Museyri

Michele Museyri

Director of Private Equity and M&A of HSP Group

Michele Museyri joined HSP Group in 2021 and is the Director of Private Equity and M&A, specializing in the formation of compliant and strategic international operations for high-growth companies and cross-border carve-outs. She has 15 years of experience supporting companies as they expand their international footprint from both organic growth and M&A activity.

Michele leads companies and private equity firms as they set up and run their international operations, often guiding them through the complexities of global expansion. Michele began her career at PwC as an Advisor in the Financial Services practice, assisting banks and corporations across the U.S. with local regulatory compliance. She later supported the international growth of VC-backed software companies while working in Tel Aviv. During her time with TMF Group, Michele spearheaded the international expansion of hundreds of U.S. corporations and P/E firms focused on M&A in 85 countries.

Location Location: Miami, Florida
Website Website: www.hsp.com

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