Can I Sell a Portion of My Business?

By Jacob Orosz | Founder and President, Morgan & Westfield

Unlike what most people know, selling a business is not always an all-or-nothing situation.

While deciding upon the sale of...Read more

The Fungibility of Small Businesses as an Investment

Fungibility is the ability of individual units of a good or a commodity to be substituted for one another. Essentially, it means the goods are interchangeable. For example, an ounce of silver is equivalent to any other ounce of silver. Fungible commodities includes water, food...Read more

How Long Does It Take to Sell a Business?

One of the most frequently asked questions we receive is “How long will it take to sell my business?” This critical question is one you need to consider when planning to sell your own business, and many factors affect the time frame. Depending on who you ask, you will be given...Read more

Observation Periods for Cash Businesses

So you have a “cash business” and don’t have accurate financial statements. How do you demonstrate to the buyer that the business is profitable without them relying on your financials? What is an observation period?

In an observation period, a buyer...Read more

How to Sell a Financial Planning Business

Licensing – The big limitation. Because most buyers of businesses do not have the proper licensing to operate a financial planning business, they may not be suitable candidates. If your business requires a Series 7 license, then it is best to target individuals who already...Read more

How to Sell a Business Concept

What is a “business concept”? A business concept is an idea that can be used for commercial purposes and typically centers around a product or service that can be sold for money. A good example of a business concept would be the “magicJack”. The magicJack is a telephone...Read more

Broker Calls and Says He Has a Buyer

A broker called me and said the magic words “I have a buyer”. What should I do? Do you think they really have a buyer? Do I have to pay them a fee? What should I do?

Say this: “That is great, Mr. Broker. Would you mind if we did a short one-party...Read more

Basics of Seller Financing

According to statistics, nearly 80% of small businesses include some form of seller financing. What is seller financing and should you consider it? This short article will address these questions and help you determine if you should finance a portion of the sale.

What is...Read more

Preparing Financial Statements When Selling

You have invested many years in starting, running and operating your business. To maximize the value of your company, you must position it in the best light. One of the most important things you can do to maximize the value of your company is to clearly organize and...Read more

Preparing for Due Diligence

You are serious about selling your business. You want to do everything you can to ensure that the sale goes smoothly. What can you do to improve the chances and make the process go by smoothly?

Preparing your business to sell greatly increases the...Read more

How to Renegotiate Your Lease

Are you paying too much in rent?

Have you tried negotiating your rent with the landlord but had no luck?

If so, read this article on what you can do and your chances of success....Read more

How to Prescreen Buyers

Should you prescreen buyers?

If you chose to prescreen them, how should you go about doing it and when?

Should I even bother prescreening buyers?

The answer is usually yes, but it depends on how lonely you are and how busy...Read more