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3 - Exit Options

Your ultimate buyer may be a financial, strategic, or other type of investor. This section explores the buyers most suited to your business’s type and size, and the advantages and disadvantages of each.

The Role of Family Offices in M&A

Many business owners assume they’ll sell their company to either a strategic buyer or a private equity firm. While these comprise the majority of buyers in the middle market, there’s another buyer whose presence in M&A is increasingly felt – the family office.

The Basics of Independent (Fundless) Sponsors in M&A

Independent sponsors often come from the same backgrounds as private equity investors or investment bankers but prefer to invest on a deal-by-deal basis, as opposed to through a fund structure such as private equity (PE).

M&A Guide | The 4 Types of Buyers of Businesses

By educating yourself about the different types of buyers in the marketplace, you can identify which type of buyer is most likely to purchase your business. This is essential to knowing what your business may be worth and developing a marketing strategy to sell your company.

Dealing with Investors Who Want to Buy Your Business

For small businesses, we rarely see “investor deals” happen. For this reason, it makes sense to heavily screen these deals so that you don’t waste your time. We recommend communicating directly with the investor as if they were one of the purchasers because, well, they are.

Can I Sell my Business to a Non-US Citizen or Foreigner?

One of the most common pathways to gain U.S. citizenship is through the purchase of a business. A foreign-born buyer also has the option of obtaining U.S. citizenship by starting a business, though the majority feel that acquiring an existing business is a safer investment.

M&A Guide | Selling Your Business to Employees

Discussing the sale with your employees can be one of the most difficult and sensitive issues you will face during the sale process. In most cases, employees do not have the financial wherewithal to purchase your business, and it may be best to avoid these conversations.