How Long Will It Take to Sell My Business?

I just put my business on the market. How long should it take to sell? Is this time period pretty accurate?

Take this quick quiz:

What is black and white? (Choose the wrong answer)

A zebra A penguin A nun A skunk A...Read more

Lease Assignments and Transfers

The lease is an integral part of the sale process. The landlord or lease can be one of the two biggest deal killers when selling your business, the other being your financials. It certainly pays to properly handle the assignment or transfer of your lease.

When should I...Read more

Did My Buyer Die?

Day #1

“Wait, I have a buyer, I want to see what happens with this buyer before I do anything.” (Seller talking to us)

Day #5

Seller talks to buyer and they schedule a meeting for next week....Read more

How Many Buyer Inquiries Should I Be Getting

Ok, I have my business advertised for sale. About how many responses should I be getting per month?

Unfortunately, it is often quite difficult to predict how many responses you should be getting on your business for sale. It does depend on a lot of...Read more

How to Respond to Buyer Inquiries

You are advertising your business. The ads are placed. You are ready to talk to buyers. Now what do you do when you talk to a buyer on the phone or get an email from the buyer?

So you have an email from a buyer. Now, what do you do?

Unfortunately,...Read more

How to Eliminate Wasted Time with Unqualified Buyers

That title caught your attention, huh? Well unfortunately, there isn’t a magic genie that can tell when a buyer is serious about buying your business, but there are clues to look for that are almost as accurate.

So, how do I prevent myself from wasting time with buyers...Read more

Prequalifying Your Business for Bank Financing in Ten Minutes

70% of small business sales involve some form of seller financing. Less than 5 to 10% of business sales involve bank financing. Why is bank financing so hard to get? How do I know if my business qualifies for bank financing?

Why is bank financing so difficult to get for...Read more

A Lazy Man’s Secret Recipe for Selling a Business the Easy Way

Do you want to know the secret of selling your business the easy way? Are you getting frustrated dealing with buyers just asking for “more information”? Are you tired of buyers who inquire about your business, only to not return your phone calls or emails? What do you do when...Read more

These Two Deal Killers Are Responsible for the Death of Over 50% of All Deals

There are two deal killers that kill more than half of all deals. What are they and what can you do to fight them?

Deadly Deal Killer # 1

Throw out the abacus and start using QuickBooks. Keep your numbers clear and organized. The number one deal...Read more

When to Release Confidential Information to a Buyer

What documents should I show to buyers before receiving an offer?

So you are talking with several interested buyers and a few of them asked you for tax returns, bank statements and some other sensitive information. What should you do? How should you handle this...Read more

Reasons to Hire a Broker

Reasons for Sellers Hiring Brokers Brokers or advisors have access to a database of potential buyers and investors. Brokers pay and run advertising. Affiliated brokerage or advisory offices may attract more buyers. Brokers can assist during escrow closing. Brokers/Advisors can run a background...Read more

I Can't Decide if I Want to Buy This Business

I found a business I like, but I am not sure if this is the business I really want to buy. What should I do? Am I making the right decision?

I am not sure if this is the right business, what should I do?

I have seen buyers buy a business that is...Read more