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Should We Disclose our Revenue, SDE & EBITDA in Our Ads?

Revenue, SDE, and EBITDA can significantly impact a buyer’s decision on whether to pursue a particular opportunity, let alone purchase that business. Most buyers are searching for a business with the lowest possible multiple.

Marketing a Small Business for Sale

If you’re near Google, go ahead and search for “businesses for sale.” What you’ll get in return in a fraction of a second is a myriad of web portals that exclusively list opportunities for prospective owners of small and mid-sized businesses.

Additional Ways to Market Your Company for Sale

The steps that follow are necessary to consider only if the initial marketing campaigns to sell your business aren’t generating adequate results. So, if they’re not coming to you, you may need to go to them.

M&A Process | Using Targeted Campaigns to Sell Your Business

With a targeted campaign, we reach out directly to potential corporate buyers — many M&A advisors call this a private auction. This involves compiling a list of potential corporate buyers and then contacting them directly through emails, letters, and phone calls. Corporate buyers can also be targeted through select trade publications.

M&A Basics | Fishing vs. Hunting for Buyers of Your Company

You must figure out the most efficient way to contact your targeted market. Do you hunt them down directly? Or, is it more effective to advertise your business for sale in the form of targeted media that reaches those who are actively looking for businesses to buy?