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How Do I Sell my Amazon FBA Business?

This information in this article is for owners of Fulfillment by Amazon businesses or those teaching others how to sell on Amazon. Some of these principles will apply to Amazon Delivery businesses, but delivery businesses tend to operate more like local brick-and-mortar shops (albeit with a heavy dependency on Amazon).

Tech & Software M&A Dynamics

This article will take you into the mind of a potential buyer of a technology or software company and provide you with an overview for why they make acquisitions and what is important to them when they are considering making an acquisition.

Top 5 M&A Value Drivers for Tech & Software Companies

And just as there are any number of other actions you can take to increase the value of a house — finishing a basement and painting high-traffic areas come to mind — there are steps you can take to enhance the value of your tech, software, or online business.