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Legal Deal Structure

M&A Non-Compete Agreement | A Complete Guide

When a business changes hands, most buyers expect the seller to sign a non-competition agreement (non-compete) at closing. Few buyers will purchase a business without a commitment from the seller to not compete with them after the business is sold.

M&A Basics | Can I Sell Part of My Business?

While deciding upon the sale of your company, selling only a portion of your business may cross your mind. You may have questions about the process, such as whether it’s wise or common.

M&A Basics | Asset vs. Stock Sale

When buying or selling a business, an M&A transaction can generally take one of two forms: An asset sale or a stock sale. Fundamentally, there are few differences between the two transaction structures.

Escrow Holdbacks in M&A Transactions

On the heels of many seemingly smooth business deals, a buyer may have doubts. Sometimes they question whether certain details of the business meet regulatory standards. They may also be concerned with fraudulent issues. To quell their apprehension, a buyer will sometimes request a holdback.