How Strong is Your Second-in-Charge?

About the Episode

As much as you may love what you do, you also have to get away and recharge. And one day, you will want to walk away once and for all. The question is, if it’s difficult for you to leave the business for a few days’ vacation with your family, how easy will it be for you to sell your business?

The truth is: Your business won’t sell unless it is ready to sell, and it won’t be ready to sell if a prospective buyer does not see a strong management team. Do you have a strong partner or manager whom you can trust to run the business when you’re not around?

Our guest, Mark Oxenham, a business coach providing advice on exit planning and business sales, explains exactly how having a reliable Second in Charge could lift the value of your business.

Meet Our Guest

Mark Oxenham

Mark Oxenham

Business coach and founding partner at KLO Partners

Mark Oxenham is a business coach and a founding partner and principal at KLO Partners, a company that provides comprehensive exit planning and business sales services. Known to have been successfully growing his own businesses, including two fine dining restaurants in Canada, Mark has extensive experience working as a business advisor in the Caribbean, Canada, and the US.

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