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A VC’s Advice on Increasing the Value of Your Business

A VC’s Advice on Increasing the Value of Your Business

Leon Brujis

Private Equity

Leon Brujis talks about 2nd-level thinking and the art of investing in middle-market companies. A partner with Palladium, Leon discusses how 2nd-level thinking applies to every investing discipline, from hedge funds to private equity, venture capital, and more. He highlights the origins and impact of this concept, what makes a great investor, how to develop these skills and ensure you are engaging in 2nd-level thinking, how education impacts creativity, and how this all comes together to generate extraordinary investment returns.

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Guest Profile

Leon Brujis began his Wall Street career as an investment banking analyst at Lehman Brothers before joining Palladium Equity Partners in 2007. He is a partner with the firm and splits his time between the company’s origination efforts and leading their business services endeavors. Over the last 15 years, Leon has led transactions amounting to over $0.5 billion, covering a wide range of transaction types, including leveraged buyouts, minority investments, recapitalizations, and public equity investments, among others. Leon has an M.S. in Finance, Economics & Cost Engineering and a B.S. in Operations Research (magna cum laude) from George Washington University.

Topics Covered

  • What is the secret to generating extraordinary returns on investments? [2:53]
  • Where did the concept of 2nd level thinking originate? [5:28]
  • What are 1st level and 2nd level thinking? [9:47]
  • Is the 2nd level thinking concept exclusive to investing? [15:26]
  • How do you become a 2nd level thinker? [17:41]
  • How can we make sure that we are engaging in 2nd level thinking? [21:17]
  • Is pattern recognition a 1st level or 2nd level thinking skill? [24:48]
  • Who is your favorite investor of all time? [26:42]
  • What makes a great private investor? [31:11]
  • How do you assess management teams? [34:40]
  • Examples of companies that are great at 2nd level thinking [37:57]
  • To what extent can education impact creativity? [40:28]
  • How can we develop 2nd level thinking? [46:28]

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