A Winning Recipe to Help Relieve Hunger and Reduce Food Waste

About the Episode

Food waste and hunger relief are not about food scarcity – it’s about logistics. Blake Engelhard of Goodr.co discusses using technology to address hunger and waste issues. From the logistics of a 2-hour turnaround time identifying surplus food to distribution to working with clients making donations that enable families to get groceries in a dignified manner and the staggering tax benefits to the corporations. This goes beyond the idea of making a difference and shows a direct path to significantly impact the lives of people and reduce food waste.

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In this Episode

1:18 How do food waste and hunger relief relate to one another?
2:42 What is Goodr?
4:21 Is Goodr backed by venture capital money?
6:29 How does Goodr, a food waste management and hunger relief company, make money?
9:41 Is it possible to translate the Goodr model internationally or to transport surplus food to other geographies?
10:43 What are the limitations for expiration dates and the timing of pick-up and delivery for surplus food so that Goodr can redistribute it?
12:20 What is the customer base for Goodr for their food waste and hunger relief solutions?
12:58 Where does Goodr gather the surplus food that is used to address food waste solutions?
13:50 Where does the surplus food go for food waste solutions?
14:35 How does the app determine how to get food to non-profits for rapid distribution?
16:27 Does the food waste solution side use a web-based app or a mobile app?
16:54 How do hunger relief solutions work?
19:30 Is it possible to eliminate food waste completely?
22:04 What is the biggest challenge facing Goodr in terms of scaling the company?
23:38 Are there companies like Goodr that do similar work internationally?

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Meet Our Guest

Blake Engelhard

Blake Engelhard

Vice President at Goodr

Blake Engelhard heads growth at Goodr.co, developing partnerships, marketing, and strategy to decrease food waste and increase hunger relief across the US. Blake is experienced in using digital tools, scalable processes, and collaborative negotiation to create opportunity-generation strategies, develop partnerships, and scale organizations.

Location Location: Atlanta
Website Website: goodr.co

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