Cannabis Drinks – The Latest Craze in an Evolving Market

Forget the stigma that still exists around cannabis. Paulo Sobral produces a low-level cannabis beverage without alcohol, and he shares insights into the nuances of the cannabis industry and the complex laws that impact cannabis beverage production. He discusses the differences between THC and CBD, touches on issues around the legalization of cannabis and its […]

From Craft Beer to Healthy Soft Drinks – An Insider’s Story

The beverage industry is moving to keep up with consumer desires for healthier options. Mary Pellettieri discusses her move from craft beer to start a beverage company offering healthier options in tonics and soft drinks. From the dangers of high fructose corn syrup to the benefits of natural sugar, from a definition of functional beverages […]

Hot Cocoa – From Cottage Industry to Regional Favorite

Hot cocoa tends to be considered a seasonal treat. Dean Packingham of Mike & Jen’s Hot Cocoa proves that a small cottage industry can grow into a regional business success year-round. He discusses the power of starting with your passion when developing a new product, the advantages of being in an F&B category with less […]

Scaling a Company in the Enhanced Water Market

Scaling from start-up to multi-million dollar business takes time, ingenuity, and perseverance. Yanni Hufnagel, founder of Lemon Perfect, discusses the 6-year growth of his company into a major player in the enhanced water sector. Discussion includes going from sourcing regional ingredients to international sources; delivering consistent quality; getting consumers to try a new product; the […]

A Deep Dive Into the Water Business

Water – the building block of life and a complex topic for the food and beverage industry. Beckie Anderer Murphy is an expert in regulatory compliance and food safety. In this nutrient-rich discussion, she goes beyond the basics of water and dives into the differences between U.S. and European standards for water treatment, packaging and […]