Selling Your Food Company

Selling Your Food Company

Food and Beverage Lending Update

Cale Rice returns to F&B Talk and gives a lender’s perspective on financing challenges in the food and agribusiness industry. He discusses the impacts of weather on the supply chain and the prices of sugar and other commodities, the volatility of the marketplace, hedging strategies to cope with market volatility, the impact on pricing in a truly […]

An Inside Look at What a Middle-Market F&B Buyer Looks For

When selling your company, knowing what a buyer looks for is invaluable. Malcolm Peace owns an investment firm focused on buying and growing middle-market businesses. He talks about his experience in the F&B industry and his focus on blue-collar businesses in Texas. Malcolm discusses what a buyer looks for when evaluating a company, how technology […]

Top Criteria a Corporate Acquirer Looks for in an F&B Company

When it comes time to sell your business, it helps to know what an acquiring company is interested in. Ben Cosgrove shares his experiences as a serial acquirer with insights that apply to any F&B company. This deep discussion goes into the criteria that his company considers when looking at making an acquisition, the importance […]

A Deep Dive Into the Water Business

Water – the building block of life and a complex topic for the food and beverage industry. Beckie Anderer Murphy is an expert in regulatory compliance and food safety. In this nutrient-rich discussion, she goes beyond the basics of water and dives into the differences between U.S. and European standards for water treatment, packaging and […]

Food Business Accelerator – Can Someone Explain This To Me?

Getting a new product to market takes passion, vision, funding, and answers to lots of questions. Elena Rosenblum shares lessons learned from her work at Union Kitchen, a food business accelerator company that helps set up new companies for long-term success. Topics include using the lean approach in the F&B industry, trends, logistics, creating a […]

Beyond Meatballs and Marketing

Branding sells products and companies. Adam Michaels, CEO of MamaMancini’s, discusses brand loyalty, the multi-sensory eating experience, the influence of different cultures on the F&B industry, how the five senses can be harnessed when marketing a product, the impact of Covid-19 on the industry, and changes in consumer preferences and shopping experiences. Adam also goes […]

Alcohol and the F&B Industry – A Global Perspective

The history of alcohol in the U.S. is varied and influences the F&B sector nationwide. International business advisor and beverage industry expert Alain Barbet gives a global perspective on the alcoholic beverage industry and trends in the U.S. The discussion includes views on alcohol around the world, differences in attitude and consumption in Europe vs. […]