Distribution Channel

Distribution Channel

Small Business Spotlight – A Food Trader’s Story

What is a food trader? Keith Schare joins F&B Talk to explain where this niche business fits in the F&B industry chain. He explains how they work with growers, manufacturers, and importers to buy and sell bulk ingredients and specialize in helping companies liquidate products they can no longer use. Keith discusses the impact they […]

Distribution Channels and Challenges for Craft Beer

Kevin McGee returns to F&B Talk to talk about the craft beer industry and distribution challenges to consumers both domestically and internationally. Kevin talks about distribution channel options, how distributors influence the reach of products and where they get shelf space, the logistics and challenges of selling internationally and differences in international markets, the consolidation […]

Heirloom Farms – Vibrant Produce with Less Waste

Get a behind-the-scenes look at building and scaling a food and beverage business that is capitalizing on upcycled produce. Ryan Armistead talks about how he started Happy Moose Juice company and their commitment to family farms, organic foods, and sustainable practices. He discusses the benefits of heirloom farming and the impact this has on fruit […]

A Winning Recipe to Help Relieve Hunger and Reduce Food Waste

Food waste and hunger relief are not about food scarcity – it’s about logistics. Blake Engelhard of Goodr.co discusses using technology to address hunger and waste issues. From the logistics of a 2-hour turnaround time identifying surplus food to distribution to working with clients making donations that enable families to get groceries in a dignified […]

Alcohol and the F&B Industry – A Global Perspective

The history of alcohol in the U.S. is varied and influences the F&B sector nationwide. International business advisor and beverage industry expert Alain Barbet gives a global perspective on the alcoholic beverage industry and trends in the U.S. The discussion includes views on alcohol around the world, differences in attitude and consumption in Europe vs. […]

Evolution and Growth Potential in the Craft Brewing Industry

Beer is one of the oldest food products in the world. Lawyer and craft brewer Kevin McGee of Anderson Valley Brewing Company explores the excitement of the craft beer industry and gives a brief history from Prohibition to today. He discusses the definition and concept of craft beer, what draws consumers to craft beer, the […]

The Future of Food & Beverage Distribution

How food products move is a critical topic for the Food & Beverage industry. Dennis Silva, COO of Julius Silvert, talks about the distribution channel and differences in distribution needs for the retail food sector vs. the food service industry. Topics include food inflation and labor shortages, how these issues impact consumer options, changes in […]