Food Tech & Innovation

Food Tech & Innovation

How To Avoid Launching a Product No One Wants To Buy

If 95% of food start-ups fail, how can entrepreneurs hope to get new products into the marketplace? Bernard Verkaaik offers expert advice on the competitive challenges start-ups face, what acquirers look for when they consider buying an F&B start-up, tips on building a brand that is difficult to replicate, the importance of scalability and how […]

Cultivating Innovation: Strategies for Success in the Sugar Beet Industry

Albert Duoibes has been focused on innovation in the F&B sector for over 35 years. His focus currently is on the sugar beet industry, but his advice and comments extend beyond sugar. Albert discusses using natural resources, minimizing waste, and the environmental impact of the supply chain. He describes the power of sugar, the need […]

How Artificial Intelligence Is Impacting the Food Industry

What are some pressing trends affecting the food and beverage industry today? How can companies stay agile? Barry Thomas, senior global thought leader with the consulting company Kantar, answers these questions and more. He discusses how F&B companies view the home as a convenience store, how technology is enabling e-commerce shifts and growth, how AI […]

A Winning Recipe to Help Relieve Hunger and Reduce Food Waste

Food waste and hunger relief are not about food scarcity – it’s about logistics. Blake Engelhard of discusses using technology to address hunger and waste issues. From the logistics of a 2-hour turnaround time identifying surplus food to distribution to working with clients making donations that enable families to get groceries in a dignified […]

How Food Science and Marketing Will Impact the Future of Food

This is the intersection of food science and marketing with consumer preferences and demand. Dr. Utkarsh Shah, a new product developer for Amazon’s food and beverage business, discusses lessons he has learned from developing patents that make food better for consumers through his focus on marketing and business management. He shares insights into the art […]