Scaling Your Food Company

Scaling Your Food Company

Building a Brand for Success: Prioritizing Consumers Over Investors

This interview with Koia founder Chris Hunter covers important lessons on building a company for eventual sale while prioritizing the brand and consumers. He emphasizes listening to customers over investors, navigating profitability pressures, strategic acquisitions, and the entrepreneurial journey. “The most important lesson I have learned is that there are always more opportunities than we […]

Building a Brand Name – A Love Affair with Chocolate

Chocolate makes the world go round – at least it does for Sarris Chocolates. William Sarris discusses the growth and evolution of a small family chocolate company into a major player in the independent chocolate business, Sarris Chocolates. He discusses the universal love of chocolate, the company’s growth from the family’s basement to a destination […]

How To Avoid Launching a Product No One Wants To Buy

If 95% of food start-ups fail, how can entrepreneurs hope to get new products into the marketplace? Bernard Verkaaik offers expert advice on the competitive challenges start-ups face, what acquirers look for when they consider buying an F&B start-up, tips on building a brand that is difficult to replicate, the importance of scalability and how […]

Heirloom Farms – Vibrant Produce with Less Waste

Get a behind-the-scenes look at building and scaling a food and beverage business that is capitalizing on upcycled produce. Ryan Armistead talks about how he started Happy Moose Juice company and their commitment to family farms, organic foods, and sustainable practices. He discusses the benefits of heirloom farming and the impact this has on fruit […]

Hot Cocoa – From Cottage Industry to Regional Favorite

Hot cocoa tends to be considered a seasonal treat. Dean Packingham of Mike & Jen’s Hot Cocoa proves that a small cottage industry can grow into a regional business success year-round. He discusses the power of starting with your passion when developing a new product, the advantages of being in an F&B category with less […]

Scaling a Company in the Enhanced Water Market

Scaling from start-up to multi-million dollar business takes time, ingenuity, and perseverance. Yanni Hufnagel, founder of Lemon Perfect, discusses the 6-year growth of his company into a major player in the enhanced water sector. Discussion includes going from sourcing regional ingredients to international sources; delivering consistent quality; getting consumers to try a new product; the […]

A Food Marketing Pro Talks Research and Growth

Research can be key to unlocking market growth for an established business, identifying new locations for growth, and highlighting the perfect franchise opportunity. Jayson Tipp has over 30 years of experience in franchising and specialty retail in the food and beverage industry. He discusses how market research data, analysis, and technology have changed over the […]

Using Flexible Commercial Kitchens to Scale Your Business

This is everything you need to know about commercial kitchens and how they can help entrepreneurs launch a small-batch product and successfully grow. Bella Karakis, co-founder of e.terra Kitchen in New York offers insights into how to take a small-batch product and produce it on a large, scalable basis; stories of brands that have succeeded […]

Rags to Riches – From Busboy to a $70 Million Startup Valuation

This episode of Food & Beverage Talk gets personal in discussing the challenges of entrepreneurship and working in the food and beverage industry. Nabeel Alamgir is the co-founder and CEO of Lunchbox, a digital ordering and marketing platform specifically for the restaurant industry. He talks about his experiences with three start-ups, lessons learned from mistakes, the […]

Behind the Scenes of a Shark Tank Success

Functional beverages are sweeping the markets, and the intersection between mental wellness and organic living meets at the first plant-based smoothie made from whole coconut – Genius Juice. Alex Bayer, founder of Genius Juice, discusses the evolution of his company, scalability, supply chain issues, launching a new product line, and building a sustainable business. Hear […]

Saving the Planet One Plant-Based Food Company at A Time

Plant-based foods are gaining popularity as consumers recognize the relationship between eating well and feeling well. Connie Marples, founder of Boosh Plant-Based Foods, shares her experiences operating a start-up through going public and recently acquiring Beanfields. She discusses consumer preferences and interest in plant-based foods, financial audits, integrating an established new acquisition into a company […]