The Challenges and Benefits of Moving to Plant-Based Proteins

Combining an entrepreneurial spirit with his passion for the planet and compassion for animals, Brett Christoffel is trying to make Texas the largest plant-based protein producer in the USA while creating a company that also makes money. He discusses the health benefits to people and the planet of plant-based proteins, the manufacturing process, finding the […]

Manufacturing Pet Food – More That Just for Pets

When you think about it, there are obvious parallels between making pet food and the production of any food products. Stuart Harness discusses how his military background applied to operations management in pet food manufacturing. He talks about the intricacies of operations, the challenges of owning the manufacturing process versus working with a co-manufacturer, the […]

Tips for CPG Brands Looking for the Right Co-Packer

Finding the right co-packer can make or break a CPG brand. Vince Tseng of PartnerSlate offers insights into the complex world of co-manufacturing from both the CPG and co-packers perspectives. He discusses what co-packers and CPG brands are looking for in a partnership, shares tips on how to appeal to the right partner, talks about […]

Using Flexible Commercial Kitchens to Scale Your Business

This is everything you need to know about commercial kitchens and how they can help entrepreneurs launch a small-batch product and successfully grow. Bella Karakis, co-founder of e.terra Kitchen in New York offers insights into how to take a small-batch product and produce it on a large, scalable basis; stories of brands that have succeeded […]