Building a Brand Name – A Love Affair with Chocolate

Chocolate makes the world go round – at least it does for Sarris Chocolates. William Sarris discusses the growth and evolution of a small family chocolate company into a major player in the independent chocolate business, Sarris Chocolates. He discusses the universal love of chocolate, the company’s growth from the family’s basement to a destination […]

The Challenges and Benefits of Moving to Plant-Based Proteins

Combining an entrepreneurial spirit with his passion for the planet and compassion for animals, Brett Christoffel is trying to make Texas the largest plant-based protein producer in the USA while creating a company that also makes money. He discusses the health benefits to people and the planet of plant-based proteins, the manufacturing process, finding the […]

Regenerative Farming – A New Approach to Agriculture

Impact investing can make a difference in regenerative agriculture. Will Harris, a 4th-generation farmer in rural Georgia, talks about the evolution of the beef industry into a vertically integrated food system, the positive impacts of grass-fed beef, and the benefits to animal welfare – areas that are returning to being valued aspects of food production. […]

Bringing a Niche Food Product to the Marketplace

Bringing a niche food product to the marketplace presents unique challenges. Aaron Gailmor goes behind the scenes to talk about making products from sacha inchi seeds that don’t trigger allergies in people allergic to nuts. He discusses the differences between seeds and nuts, how this impacts allergen issues, consumer education, marketing strategies of a niche food […]

What Does It Take To Bring a Small Chocolate Snack To a Large Market?

Building a specialty snack bar company presents challenges and opportunities. Katarzyna Bosne talks about the lessons she has learned in starting and scaling a business producing all-natural nutrition bars made with vegan, no-preservative ingredients. She discusses manufacturing handmade products in-house, the costs and challenges of shipping products that are refrigerated directly to consumers, the distribution […]

How a Start-up Company Is Leading a Snack Food Revolution

Ashley Nickelsen is on a mission to reimagine snacks in vending machines. This is a nutrition-packed conversation about what goes into starting a new functional snack company on a mission to disrupt the snack food industry. Ashley shares her story and the inspiration behind starting BTR NATION, the challenges in being a sole founder, finding […]

From Employee to Owner – A Food & Beverage Tale of Success

What goes into the art of creating a wedding cake? Stephanie Chain, business owner and pastry chef of the micro-bakery Sweet Luncheonette, specializes in creating bespoke wedding cakes. She discusses the health and safety concerns that led to her emphasis on creating sugar flowers for cakes, the specifics about what goes into making custom wedding […]