Farm to Table – An Insider’s Take on the Beef Industry

About the Episode

This episode of Food & Beverage Talk will give you insight into everything you could possibly want to know about beef and the beef industry. Renan de Lima leads with a definition of high-quality meat and why this is an important distinction. He discusses the influence of genetics, grass-fed versus grain-fed beef, the impact of a free-range lifestyle, international organic standards, regulatory differences and challenges, meatless alternatives, and his thoughts on upcoming influences in the industry.

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In this Episode

1:48 What is the difference between high-quality beef and average beef?
2:36 How is quality defined, and do genetics influence the quality of beef?
7:37 How does music impact the health and welfare of the animals?
9:17 What happens to the meat when the animal is slaughtered or dies under stressful conditions?
9:51 Grass-fed versus grain-fed animals
12:11 Are the organic standards similar in South America to the standards in North America – in the United States and Canada?
12:54 What is the main advantage of organic meat?
14:26 What stands out about Frigorifico Concepción’s meat?
16:32 What countries does Frigorifico Concepción export to? What’s the price difference across the different markets?
20:59 What’s it like trying to import beef into the United States and dealing with the USDA?
24:49 What’s the lifecycle of a cattle farm?
29:51 What is the definition of free-range cattle, and what effect does this have on the meat?
36:23 What will the impact be on the industry in the U.S. when beef is allowed to be imported from Paraguay into the United States?
38:03 Does Frigorifico Concepción sell primarily through distributors, or are they selling directly to any end users?
39:07 What are the major differences in the regulatory systems of the beef industry of different countries?
43:17 Meatless alternatives.
45:56 What is the most important or noteworthy change likely to occur in the industry over the next decade?

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Acronyms or Terms Used in This Episode

  • USDA – United States Department of Agriculture – Federal agency
  • Brahman – American breed of beef cattle
  • Nelore – Breed of cattle originally brought from India to Brazil
  • Angus – Scottish breed of beef cattle
  • Marbling – Refers to the white streaks of intramuscular fat that run through a cut of beef
  • Cattle Insemination – Refers to the use of artificial insemination to impregnate cows

Meet Our Guest

Renan Prado Duran de Lima

Renan Prado Duran de Lima

Chief Commercial Officer of Frigorifico Concepción

Mr. Renan Prado Duran de Lima is Chief Commercial Officer of Frigorifico Concepción. He has extensive knowledge and experience in commercial trading, especially in beef trade from South America to Africa, Southeast Asia, and Europe. He is the founder and owner of Mundaka Trading Unipessoal Lda., a commercial trading company based in Portugal. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Universidad at Pontifícia Universidade Católica, São Paulo, Brazil.

Location Location: São Paulo, Brazil

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