An Expert’s Views on Effective Post-Merger Integration Strategies

About the Episode

M&A integration expert Ben de Haldevang shares insights into what can make post-acquisition integration smooth and successful. Planning ahead, utilizing the due diligence process, and determining how the seller can be involved in integration are key components of preparing for successful integration.

“Integration is a critical part of the M&A process from the planning stages right through to the diligence exercise.”

Ben de Haldevang

What You’ll Learn

  • Integration Process: the steps involved in the integration process when selling your business
  • Integration and Due Diligence: the impact due diligence has on the integration of your business
  • Challenges to Synergy: the challenges buyers encounter when determining cost synergies vs. revenue synergies for your business
  • Integration and Culture: understanding cultural nuances when integrating companies
  • Integration Best Practices: for sellers around collaboration, decision-making, and change management in integration

Topics Covered

What does post-deal integration entail? [02:47]
What are the primary purposes of the due diligence process? [07:51]
How does productivity react during the M&A process? [14:25]
Are cost synergies easier to predict than revenue synergies? [18:55]
What are the different components of integration? [21:14]
What are the most important elements of the integration process from A to Z? [25:57]
What is the seller’s role in the integration process? [30:20]
Can contentious negotiations potentially impact integration? [35:07]
In cross-border mergers, how do international cultural differences impact integration? [36:07]

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Meet Our Guest

Ben de Haldevang

Ben de Haldevang

Partner at The Agile Gorilla | Edinburgh, Scotland

Ben de Haldevang has spent over 25 years working with organizations going through significant change in Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and North America. His expertise is in M&A post-deal integration, where he works with buy-side and sell-side leadership teams and focuses on the people and cultures involved to ensure a successful transition.

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