Busting Myths About SBA Business Acquisition Loans

About the Episode

In this edition of deal talk, we’re going to talk to you buyers out there. If you’re considering buying an established small business that you’ve had your eye on and you know you’re going to need financing, you may want to listen up. Specifically, we’re going to talk with an expert about funding through the SBA, or small business administration, and some misconceptions concerning the process, expectations, and results of working with the SBA to help you finance your transaction. To do that, We’re going to lean on our guest expert in this area, Mr. Steve Mariani, he is the President and a business finance advisor at Diamond Financial, based in Rollin, North Carolina. They help business owners and buyers Nationwide.

Meet Our Guest

Steve Mariani

Steve Mariani

President and Business Finance Advisor at Diamond Financial

Stephen Mariani has been involved in small business since 1978, personally owning many himself. It was his experience in locating financial solutions that brought him to establish Diamond Financial with the business owner in mind.

He prides himself on honesty and integrity, which is apparent after your first encounter with his organization. Stephen and his associates are dedicated to small businesses in the United States and are committed to their success.

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