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About the Episode

Get an insider’s perspective on what buyers look for in M&A transactions with multi-million and billion-dollar corporations. What do companies this size look for when making an acquisition? How do they make the decision to build, buy, or partner with a company? How do middle-market companies fit into the acquisition picture? Nadia Gil shares her passion for the M&A industry and stories from corporate development successes to give middle-market sellers insight into corporate acquisitions.

“Most companies do not dedicate enough time during the pre-deal period to think about integration, the product itself, the teams, and the culture.”

Nadia Gil

What You’ll Learn

  • Corporate M&A: Learn what works in the M&A process for Fortune 500 companies and where middle-market companies fit in.
  • Overlooked Areas: Find out the areas that executives don’t focus on enough in the acquisition preparation stage, including integration, teams, and company culture.
  • Strategy: Consider how acquisition strategies fit into overall corporate development strategies.

Topics Covered

What is the most overlooked area in M&A transactions? [1:26]
What does the M&A process typically look like for companies such as Google or Siemens? [3:42]
Does a company’s M&A strategy need to adapt when there are changes in the overall corporate strategy? [12:36]
How do organizations like Google or Siemens actively search for companies to acquire that align with their overall goals? [16:57]
How many acquisitions per year do large companies like Google, Siemens, or similar-sized firms typically make? [23:00]
What distinguishes a good M&A market from a bad M&A market? [31:25]
Are there common factors or challenges that frequently lead to M&A transaction failures? [38:12]

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Meet Our Guest

Nadia Gill

Nadia Gill

Corporate Development Specialist | Bay Area, California

Nadia is the former Chief of Strategic Planning and Corporate Development at Brady, where she was in charge of corporate strategy, M&A, and divestitures. Before that, she was Head of Business Strategy at Google, where she specialized in Cloud Cybersecurity. She has also held senior strategy roles with Deloitte Consulting, PwC Strategy, Cognizant, and Siemens.

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