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Crowdfunding: A Legitimate Financing Option

Crowdfunding: A Legitimate Financing Option

Markus Lampinen

Digital Finance Entrepreneur

The financial market collapse of 2008 resulted in tougher standards and regulations for the nation’s largest banks, making it more difficult in many cases for small-business owners to secure the funds they needed to grow their businesses. Since the financial crisis, crowdfunding has emerged as a real—and credible—alternative to banks, private equity and venture capital.

This edition of Deal Talk delves into the details of what crowdfunding is, its advantages over traditional funding sources and how the application process works. Mr. Markus Lampinen, CEO of Crowd Valley, Inc., gives an in-depth discussion on an option that could help you raise the capital you need.

Guest Profile

Markus Lampinen is a digital finance entrepreneur and the CEO of Crowd Valley, Inc., a company that specializes in online investing and lending infrastructure. Markus has pioneered new investing models in the US, Europe and Asia and has advised policymakers worldwide regarding developing the right framework for new funding models, including crowdfunding, cross-border investments as well as private placements. Mark has worked in different parts of the world including the US, Sweden, Spain, Finland, the UK and Hong Kong.

Address:  San Francisco, California


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