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Cyber Crime’s Threat to Valuations

Cyber Crime’s Threat to Valuations

Dan Cotter

M&A Attorney

Cybercrime is one the fastest growing threats to businesses, and the risk it poses to valuations can be devastating, because it not only impacts company finances, it can also damage an organization’s reputation. Home Depot and Target are just two examples of how cybercrime can bring large corporations to their virtual knees, resulting in the loss of millions of dollars in the process. Imagine the damage that could be inflicted on your business. However, you and your company can avoid becoming victimized by cybercrime, but it takes vigilance. Join Jeff Allen as he talks with Dan Cotter, attorney and partner at Butler Rubin Saltarelli & Boyd, about cybercrime, what it looks like and steps you can take to prevent it.

Guest Profile

I am an attorney and business advisor who is passionate about my clients’ needs, has an entrepreneurial spirit, understands and is pro business, has accounting experience and broad business acumen, and is a proven leader in the legal profession and in the community. I have spent almost 16 years in-house working for several insurance groups on a broad range of legal matters involving complex issues, including M&A, regulatory matters and other complex transactions, litigation, governance, IT and corporate. I have also spent five years in private practice and recently returned as a Partner at Butler Rubin Saltarelli & Boyd LLP. I bring a unique combination of experiences to bear on solving problems with my clients. In addition, I am Immediate Past President of the Chicago Bar Association; Immediate Past President of the Lawyers Lend-A-Hand to Youth Program; and, an Adjunct Professor of the John Marshall Law School.

Specialties: (FOCUSES, Illinois lawyers cannot have specialties) Regulatory, corporate transactional, M&A, insurance regulatory, IT/vendor contracts, privacy, cyber security and insurance, non-profits, corporate governance, business advisor and counsel, compliance, outside GC, corporate secretary, compliance, litigation and litigation management, community involvement

Formed in 1980, Chicago-based Butler Rubin has established itself as a well-known litigation boutique assisting clients nationally and internationally in the core practice areas of reinsurance and commercial litigation, including antitrust, competition law and opt-out antitrust litigation; creditors’ rights; class action; and products liability and mass tort matters. I was hired to form and Chair the Insurance Regulatory and Transactions Practice group.

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