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Expanding your Company through Franchising

Expanding your Company through Franchising

Julie Lusthaus, Attorney

Partner at Einbinder & Dunn

For those business owners in growth mode, this is a show for you. If you’ve wondered about the feasibility of expanding your company through franchising, you’ll first want to decide if the franchise business model is right for you. But how do you determine that? Why are some types of businesses right for franchising? What are some of the criteria for a promising franchise business? Are you the kind of owner who can allow someone to come in and run one of your locations without your direct feedback, or do you have to have constant control? Attorney Julie Lusthaus, partner at Einbinder Dunn & Goniea in New York and a specialist in franchise law, joins us to provide her expert view on the subject of franchising.

A Partner of Einbinder & Dunn, Julie Lusthaus has been practicing law since 1996. Julie has substantial experience representing franchise and business clients in transactions and disputes. She represents franchisor and franchisee clients in all aspects of their franchise relationships.

For franchisor clients, she assists with the development of franchise business programs, the structuring of franchise business entities, the preparation and registration of franchise disclosure documents (FDDs), the filing of trademarks and the management and the protection of clients’ intellectual property.

For franchisee clients, Julie assists single unit and multi-unit operators with the acquisition of franchises and development territories, reviews FDDs, negotiates franchise agreements and renewals, leases and other contracts and represents them in system-wide issues and disputes with franchisors.


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