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Financial Readiness Before the Deal

Financial Readiness Before the Deal

Rob Taylor

The chief financial officer (CFO) is often a very instrumental member of the sell-side team in any M&A deal, offering a level of foresight, insight and overall financial expertise that bookkeepers and accountants cannot match. But what if you don’t have a CFO on board? If you’re considering selling your business within the next three to five years, who can you turn to to help you devise and implement a plan to raise your company’s value? Rob Taylor has some suggestions. Currently the CFO with Accuform Signs, Mr. Taylor joins Jeff Allen to share his past experience as a CFO who helped prepare sell-side companies for successful M&A transactions. Gain insight into selling your company from a CFO’s perspective on this edition of “Deal Talk.”

Guest Profile

His finance career spans numerous industries that have grown organically and through acquisition, and includes time with a Big 4 accounting firm. At the core of his effectiveness in every role has been the ability to resolve issues before they become insurmountable problems, build teams that deliver corporate objectives, and to say no when necessary for the good of the organization.

As a member of various Senior Management Teams his role in strategic planning sessions has often been that of influencer. As the financial leader, he guided tough, data-based, decision-making to create a sound financial footing in order to avoid the consequences of potentially disastrous decisions based solely on desire.

The results of some of those tough decisions included:

  • Curtailing a proposed workforce expansion and new facility that would have had a detrimental impact on the future.
  • Guiding the implementation of a billing methodology post-acquisition despite steep resistance from the integration team, saving customers and preserving approximately $30M in annual revenue.
  • Pioneering a flexible fuel surcharge process that offset rising delivery costs and raw material prices which boosted annual revenues by $5M.

He was nominated to sit on their banking partner’s client advisory panel for a 2-year term. This benefits Accuform and the bank by giving voice of the customer feedback to the bank, gaining first access to new products and systems, and making strategic senior-level connections. His input to this advisory panel was so highly valued that he was asked to extend my term for an additional year.

His experience conducting buy and sell-side transactions as a Senior Manager in the Transaction Advisory Services Practice at Ernst & Young, has given him a deep understanding of the acquisition process, how to maximize proceeds in creating exit strategies, and accurately evaluate a Target’s valuation. Personally, the biggest benefit is the ability to think and act quickly and effectively.

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