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Foreign Buyers Want Your Business

Foreign Buyers Want Your Business

Howard Johnson

Managing Director, MBA, FCPA, FCA, FCMA, CBV, CPA, CFA, ASA, CF

American businesses are very attractive to cross-border and overseas investors looking to gain access to the highly coveted American market. Many of these investors are willing to pay top dollar; however, with so many companies in so many industries to choose from, foreign buyers can afford to be selective. So how do you attract the attention of these wealthy overseas buyers? Where are they located, and what are they looking for in an American company? Our guest shares his deep knowledge of the increased interest in American businesses from abroad. Join Jeff Allen as he speaks with Mr. Howard Johnson, managing director of Veracap M&A International Inc.

Guest Profile

Howard is a Managing Director of Veracap M&A International Inc. and its sister firm, Campbell Valuation Partners Limited. He also serves as the President of M&A International, the world’s leading M&A advisory organization with over 600 professionals in 40 countries.

Howard has helped numerous business owners and executives in maximizing shareholder value through acquisitions, divestitures, private equity financing and corporate growth strategies. He has also held senior management roles within mid-size and large corporations, and has served on the Board of Directors for public and private companies.

Howard holds a Bachelor of Commerce Degree from Concordia University (Governor General’s Award, 1988), a Graduate Diploma in Public Accountancy from McGill University (Kenneth F. Byrd Prize, 1989) and a Masters Degree in Business Administration from McMaster University (D. M. Heddon Gold Medal, 1992). He is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Professional Accountants of Ontario, the Certified Management Accountants of Canada and the Canadian Institute of Chartered Business Valuators. Howard holds the designation of Chartered Professional Accountant (Chartered Accountant), Certified Management Accountant, Chartered Business Valuator, Certified Public Accountant, Chartered Financial Analyst, Accredited Senior Appraiser Corporate Finance specialist and Chartered Director.

Howard is the author of eight books on the subjects of business valuation, acquisitions, divestitures and shareholder value. He is a frequent speaker at conferences throughout North America and has been an expert witness on complex valuation matters before the courts.

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A Roadmap to the Successful Sale of Your Business (152 pages)

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