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How I Bought Out My Employer

How I Bought Out My Employer

Deborah Sweeney

CEO, Owner

It is becoming more common for individuals who like their jobs so much, that they buy their employer’s company. Deborah Sweeney is one example. After a successful career as a business law attorney, she entered the corporate space to lead while it was in the hands of Intuit. How Ms. Sweeney eventually acquired MyCorporation may be a textbook example of how a dedicated C-level executive could put themselves in a position of favor with their company’s ownership for the acquisition of the business outright. Join Jeff Allen as he gets all the details from the owner of MyCorporation, herself—Deborah Sweeney.

Guest Profile

CEO & Owner of MyCorporation, an online legal and business filing service focusing on entrepreneurs and the small business community.

Prior to purchasing MyCorporation from Intuit, I served as the General Manager of the MyCorporation division. I maintained an intense focus toward driving optimal solutions for growth while solving for shareholders, customers and employees.

Former partner at Michelman & Robinson, LLP practicing in the areas of Intellectual Property and Corporate Law. Extensive experience in emerging technologies and markets, intellectual property prosecution, corporate strategy, and mergers & acquisitions.

Specialties: Corporate law and transactions, intellectual property, social media, online search marketing, radio ads/marketing.

Address: Calabasas, California

Company Website:

Email Address:

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