How to Use Your Retirement Account to Fund Your C Corp and Other Funding Options

About the Episode

Most small business owners are familiar with SBA loans and conventional loans as a means for funding their businesses. However, did you know there is a wide range of SBA loan types to meet specific needs? Interestingly, in addition to SBA, conventional bank loans, and investor funding, there is also a way for you to use your retirement funds to fund your business. While this may not be for everyone, this method does have its advantages, and our guest has all the information. He is Dallas Kerley, chief development officer at Benetrends Inc. He’ll cover the many traditional funding options and expand on the retirement rollover funding alternative in detail.

Meet Our Guest

Dallas Kerley

Dallas Kerley

Chief Development Officer at Benetrends

Dallas Kerley, Chief Development Officer at Benetrends is recognized and renowned across the country for his level of expertise in funding options for start-up and existing businesses and has published numerous articles on these topics in financial periodicals and online. has been responsible for forming strategic plans which define long, mid and short term goals.

He is also responsible for presenting budgets, forecasts and financial reports for board approval and prudently managing resources within those budgetary guidelines according to the organization’s policy.

For nearly 30 years, Benetrends has provided proven and innovative funding solutions that enable entrepreneurs to launch their dreams. Recognized as the authority in franchise and small-business financing, Benetrends has been at the forefront of developing 401(k)/IRA business funding solutions tax-deferred and penalty free. Benetrends is acclaimed for its Rainmaker Plan that allows small business owners to access their qualified retirement funds to invest in their new business or franchise. This provides entrepreneurs with the resources they need to succeed now, while remaining compliant with IRS regulations.

While the acclaimed Rainmaker Plan remains the company’s flagship, Benetrends offers access to a complete range of financing solutions and tools to help entrepreneurs fund their business ventures. These include SBA Loans, conventional business loans with fixed or variable rate financing options, several options for term loans for funding growth, retirement plan design and administration, commercial real estate mortgages, and many more financing resources that make the most of opportunities while minimizing risk.

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