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How Two College Students Made Millions and Disrupted The Creator Economy in 2 Years

How Two College Students Made Millions and Disrupted The Creator Economy in 2 Years

Harry Gestetner & Simon Pompan

Gen Z | Creator Economy | Technology M&A

What is the creator economy? How can creators make money from their social media platforms? This is the story of how college friends Harry Gestetner and Simon Pompan created Fanfix – a platform for creators to monetize and engage their fanbase and create a recurring revenue stream. In over 18 months, they went from concept to being bought for 8-figures by SuperOrdinary. They discuss how to monetize a fanbase, engage Gen Z consumers, the vertical markets Fanfix works in, what’s next in platforms and tools, and how two non-technical college students disrupted the creator economy.

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Guest Profile

Harry Gestetner and Simon Pompan are the co-founders and co-CEOs of Fanfix, a platform that lets Gen Z content creators monetize their fan base. Friends since high school, they launched the platform when they were in their junior year of college and sold it a year later for 8-figures, just days after graduating. In only 11 months, Harry and Simon grew Fanfix to become the leading monetization platform for Gen Z content creators, with over 9 million creators and fans and 8-figures in annual revenue. 

Fanfix has processed hundreds of thousands of transactions and has individual creators earning millions of dollars in annual income through the platform. In June 2022, it was announced that Fanfix had been acquired for 8-figures by global brand accelerator SuperOrdinary. The acquisition allows Fanfix to leverage SuperOrdinary’s portfolio of 140 brands to facilitate social commerce, white label products, and co-create creator brands. Both Harry and Simon are staying on as Co-CEOs of Fanfix, as well as being Senior VPs at SuperOrdinary.

Harry Gestetner

Simon Pompan

Topics Covered

  • How was Fanfix created? [3:05]
  • Why would SuperOrdinary, a consumer brand company, be interested in Fanfix? [9:32]
  • How do you monetize content, and what does the future look like in this world of social media platforms?  [13:20]
  • What level of influence does a content creator need to be approved on Fanfix? [16:30] 
  • What is next for technology? [21:00]
  • Are the bigger content companies blocking companies on discovery platforms? [25:40]
  • Thoughts on the movie “Social Dilemma” and data collection. [26:23]
  • What was the journey in building Fanfix? [29:10]
  • What language was Fanfix built in? [32:54]
  • Funding the creation of Fanfix. [34:21]
  • How did you get content creators onboard Fanfix when you started out? [37:00]
  • What was the most difficult challenge in scaling Fanfix? [40:32]
  • Advice to content creators. [43:14]

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