How Working with a Coach Can Improve Your Business’s Growth

About the Episode

Professional coaches have become increasingly important in recent years, and businesses of all sizes understand why: They help make good leaders better leaders of their teams and companies. Interestingly, however, one of the most important impacts a business coach can have is in an organization’s valuation. Dr. Janine Nicole-Desai, founding business coach of Outside Partner, talks about how a business coach can help increase bottom line statistics and your company’s value, and points to research to back it up. Dr. Desai also discusses at length who in a business can benefit most, as well as common issues that can be improved through the use of a professional coach.

Meet Our Guest

Dr. Janine-Nicole Desai

Dr. Janine-Nicole Desai

Founder of Outside Partner

Dr. Janine-Nicole Desai is a business coach and the founder of Outside Partner. Her company is dedicated to providing business coaching to companies and individuals to achieve their business and career goals. She has over 20 years of corporate experience, particularly in human resources, and holds a doctoral degree from Alliance Manchester Business School, the University of Manchester business school.

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