How Your Employees Can Impact the Value of Your Business

About the Episode

Listen in to this discussion about human capital and how it can impact the value of your business with Marco Robert, an international consultant, author, and entrepreneur with years of experience helping companies turn their fortunes around. During this wide-ranging chat with advice and real-life examples, he discusses the impact employees have on the value of a business, what may block an owner from creating more value, the biggest challenge owners face, and advice on how to create value in your business.

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In this Episode

1:14 The impact of people on the value of a business.
7:08 What results can come from streamlining businesses?
8:28 What’s the biggest challenge for business owners that can block them from creating more value?
12:22 Examples of limiting beliefs that past clients have shown.
19:50 The role people play – different employee personality types and how to deal with them.
29:13 What are the keys to finding good employees?
37:18 The biggest challenge for business owners.
38:42 Managing and maximizing people and money.
40:18 When businesses take off, what are the common denominators that click or change in the owner?

Meet Our Guest

Marco Robert

Marco Robert

M&A Advisor & Business Buyer at Manchester Capital Partners

Marco Robert is a lecturer, turnaround management consultant, corporate board advisor, and venture capitalist. He is also the author of the book, The Business Intervention. Since the early 2000s, in his role as a consultant, he has advised more than 800 corporate leaders and business owners from around the world, including Africa, America, Canada, Europe, and Asia. With the help of the aptly named BOSS management system he created, Marco helps pinpoint business solutions to rescue a business. He spends most of his working time consulting with companies through difficult turnaround challenges, with their funding needs, or with their M&A efforts.

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