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Keys to Effective Succession Planning

Keys to Effective Succession Planning

Carl Seidman


What is the difference between succession planning and planning your exit strategy? The distinction is important, particularly if you decide not to sell your company outright. Knowing who, specifically, will take over after you leave can help the company to transition from one leader to the next more quickly while allowing it to continue to run smoothly during the entire process. On this edition of “Deal Talk,” Jeff Allen welcomes Chicago-based business strategist Carl Seidman, who has advised many of America’s top organizations. He will be sharing what he believes are the essential keys to effective succession planning.

Guest Profile

Dedicated to transforming FP&A, Carl Seidman designed Seidman Financial to address the undeveloped skill gaps and processes in FP&A through these three (3) pillars:

  • Equip FP&A leadership with the right platforms and resources for developing their financial processes and teams
  • Provide culture-based, customizable development programs designed to capitalize on identified business opportunities
  • Deliver a potent FP&A intelligence-centric curriculum that is consumable and actionable with ongoing follow up and feedback


A Roadmap to the Successful Sale of Your Business (152 pages)

A Roadmap to the Successful Sale of Your Business (152 pages)

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