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Legal Guidance on Commercial Property

Legal Guidance on Commercial Property

Chris Cali


If you’ve been leasing your building or your business is growing and you’re thinking about buying commercial property for the first time, our guest on this edition of “Deal Talk” tells you why you shouldn’t do it without the help of a real estate attorney. From structural problems to environmental issues to zoning laws, our guest expert, Chris Cali, an attorney specializing in real estate and M&A at Latimer LeVay Fyock in Chicago, talks about all the concerns that come with buying commercial property. Just wait until you hear his story about the salon and spa! It will make you think twice before buying real estate for your company without first talking to an attorney who specializes in real estate.

Guest Profile

Chris’s clients include small and mid-sized businesses and their principals, condominium associations, chambers of commerce, and real estate developers and investors.

Chris’s practice includes:

  • Representation of sellers and purchasers in residential, commercial and industrial real estate transactions
  • Representation of landlords and tenants in negotiations of residential and commercial leases, including those for retail and office space, restaurants and manufacturing facilities
  • Representation of litigants in real estate disputes, including actions to quiet title, partition suits, commercial foreclosure matters, forcible entry and detainer cases and municipal code violation hearings
  • Representation of condominium associations as well as unit owners in a variety of condominium law matters
  • Representation of condominium associations and property owners in real estate tax appeal petitions
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