Merging Private and Public: Lessons from a $1 Billion Bitcoin Mining Merger

About the Episode

 A major consolidation in the Bitcoin mining industry occurred in November 2023 with the merger of Hut 8 and US Bitcoin. Learn what went on inside this deal from Asher Genoot, CEO of the newly formed Hut 8 Corp. He discusses what led to the decision to raise capital by merging a public Canadian company with a private US company, the mechanics of merging, the challenges of integration, the operational and financial objectives for each side, and how this will help with driving diversified growth going forward.

All great companies are built on great people, and great people have to be in sync and rowing in the same direction.

Asher Genoot

What You’ll Learn

  • Capital Growth: How merging a private company with a public company provided access to capital markets for growth.
  • Lessons Learned: From providing operational updates to stakeholders during a lengthy M&A process to dealing with a new company that has a similar name to the old company.
  • International Merger: The ins and outs of negotiating a large cross-border merger deal between the US and Canada in a volatile industry. 
  • Integration: What the merger looks like on paper can be different from the actual integration.

Topics Covered

What was unique about the merger of US Bitcoin and Hut 8 Mining? [1:56]
How did the decision-making process evolve for the merger between the two international companies? [5:20]
How long did the merger take? What were the challenges that came up during the transition? [13:10]
What is the hardest part about integration in real-world examples? [19:51]
What is the growth strategy for the high-performance computing industry? [27:29] 
What was the most important lesson learned from going through the merger? [33:28]

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Meet Our Guest

Asher Genoot

Asher Genoot

CEO of Hut 8 | Miami, Florida

Asher is the newly appointed CEO of Hut 8 Corp. He began his career in Shanghai, China, where he founded, scaled, and exited two successful EdTech startups, the Ivy Crest Institute of International Education and Curio Education. In China, Asher developed a passion for building high-performing organizations. In 2019, he returned to the US to apply this passion as Managing Director of Flagship Endeavors, a consumer brands incubator. In 2020, Asher co-founded US Bitcoin Corp, starting as Chief Operating Officer, then serving as President and Director.

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