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Reps and Warranties Insurance is Good for Buyer and Seller

Reps and Warranties Insurance is Good for Buyer and Seller

Kirk Sanderson

Oftentimes, in the late stages of an acquisition, or even after the acquisition of a company is complete, an issue presents itself that may pose a significant financial risk to the acquiring company. Reps and warranties insurance can act to protect both the buyer and seller in such a situation, but what exactly are reps and warranties, and what information should they include? How is reps and warranties insurance used, and where can you obtain it? To answer those and a host of other questions, Jeff Allen visits Mr. Kirk Sanderson, vice president at Equity Risk Partners in New York, who oversees the firm’s transactional risk practice.

Guest Profile

Mr. Sanderson has more than 10 years of financial services and transaction advisory experience and is responsible for overseeing the Transaction Risk Practice on the East Coast. Mr. Sanderson also directs the strategic planning, business development and delivery of Transactional Risk programs, such as representations and warranties insurance, tax liability and tax credit insurance, and other contingent liability insurance solutions, on behalf of Equity Risk’s legal, corporate and private equity clients and their portfolio companies.

Prior to joining Equity Risk Partners in 2014, Mr. Sanderson spent nearly 7 years in Aon’s M&A Solutions (AMAS) group, most recently structuring insurance transaction solutions for Aon’s private equity, legal and corporate M&A clientele. Mr. Sanderson’s other role at Aon included leading strategy and innovation for the AMAS team, a $120M global practice group, through corporate development, business transformation and other product delivery initiatives.


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