Strategies for Successfully Preparing Your Company for Sale


About the Episode

What are the most common mistakes sellers make when it comes to selling a middle-market company? M&A expert Jim Stevenson shares tips and strategies for preparing a company for acquisition. He discusses common mistakes such as not planning for an exit or not presenting a company in the best possible light, the importance of cultural fit, the need for a clear and compelling business story to attract potential buyers, and the value of hiring experts in the M&A process to increase value and successfully sell.

“If you’re going to present a company to be bought, the steps you go through are exactly the same ones that you go through to increase the value of it.”

Jim Stevenson

What You’ll Learn

  • Preparing for Sale: Strategies to groom your business and prepare a go-to-market strategy. 
  • Company Culture: Why it’s important to consider cultural fit between companies for operations and post-merger integration. 
  • Customer Needs: The importance of understanding customer needs and how your product or service solves problems.
  • Expert Advice: Why you need expert help to maximize value and sell your company.

Topics Covered

What are some fundamental mistakes owners make when planning to sell their company? [1:58]
What three areas should a seller focus on in order to prepare their company for sale? [6:58]
Is there a connection between improving the chances of selling a company and improving the value of the company? [9:19]
Why is company culture so important for a buyer and a seller to consider? What is the impact of company culture on an acquisition? [11:35]
How can presenting a company’s strategy impact the potential of a successful sale? [21:07] 
Why is the status quo the worst position to be in for a business? [26:35]
Is it hard to sell a company without defined customer needs and strong product-market fit? [32:50]
What is the difference between a founder’s mentality and a growth mentality? [36:20] 
Why is it important to have expert M&A help when selling a business? [38:40]

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Meet Our Guest

Jim Stevenson

Jim Stevenson

Partner at Spark International LTD | Los Angeles, CA & London, UK

Jim Stevenson is a Partner with Spark International, a boutique corporate M&A advisory firm. He also founded Bletchley Group as a digital business consultancy in 2000. With a career spanning 20+ years, Jim focuses on strategy, organizational transformation, and growth, adding over $700 million in value to clients. He also supports start-ups and small businesses in finding their vision, creating go-to-market strategies, finding their product-market fit, and moving on to sustainable growth and profitability.

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