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Value Recovery Through Restructuring

Value Recovery Through Restructuring

Dan Tamkin

Chief Technology Officer

Restructuring and reorganization are two different things. However, in some cases, if you don’t do the former, you may have to succumb to the latter (reorganization) through bankruptcy. If your business is stagnant, showing little or no signs of growth with no obvious way forward, restructuring may be just what the doctor ordered. Dan Tamkin is the managing director at Resurgent Ventures, as well as the chief technology officer at Transdev, with a depth of experience as a corporate developer and venture capitalist. Dan returns for his second visit on “Deal Talk.” On this visit, he talks about what restructuring really is and how it can help to revitalize a company looking to heighten its value.

Guest Profile

Dan Tamkin is the Founder / CEO of Unified Dispatch which we sold to Veolia Transdev in 2011. He now represents Veolia Transdev for prospective investments and partnerships and is most interested in transportation start-ups.

One of Dan’s achievemet was when he bought a bankrupt venture backed startup at low valuation. He then focused the company; expanded into adjacent verticals and created new product lines. As a result, he sold company for 32X return to large public company and exited at 3 times the sales in an industry that typically gets 1.3 times.


  • Turnaround Management
  • VoIP Telecommunications
  • Telephony
  • Enterprise Software
  • Software Development
  • Transportation
  • Travel Technology


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