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What Investors Want You to Know

What Investors Want You to Know

Christopher Sheeren

Private Equity Investor

Are you making plans to grow your business? Are you looking to recapitalize? If you answered “yes” to either of those questions, you may have given at least some passing thought to working with a private equity group. While not every PE firm seeks to gain controlling interest in a company, investors won’t simply hand their money to just anyone. In fact, investors are more cautious and selective than ever when deciding whether to invest in a company. So what are investors looking for? What are their conditions and criteria? Chris Sheeren knows. He is a partner at Huron Capital Partners in Detroit, and he talks with us about what’s important to investors when considering working with a business.

Guest Profile

  • Private equity professional.
  • Experienced public speaker.
  • Have turnaround/restructuring experience, and am a former CPA.


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A Roadmap to the Successful Sale of Your Business (152 pages)

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